Shocking video shows “attempted murder” as wooden planks thrown at HGV on motorway


SHOCKING video shows the moment a lorry’s windscreen was shattered by planks of wood thrown from the side of a motorway.

The HGV driver who captured the incident claims “kids” were responsible for the deliberate attack and that other drivers have been targeted.

One viewer of the clip described what happens in the video as “attempted murder”.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident which happened near the junction of the A1 and M62 – one of the busiest in the country.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, slammed his brakes on and jumped from his cab to give chase following the attack on Tuesday.

He posted the clip to a private group with the caption: “21.43 last night A1/M62 split… been happening for weeks. 4 HGVs hit.”

The video shows the HGV driving on the motorway in the dark near Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire.

Suddenly from the left two planks of wood appear from seemingly out of nowhere and smack into the HGV shattering the window.

The HGV driver said the act was deliberate

The HGV driver then slows down and moves into the hard shoulder to assess the damage.

In slow motion it appears to show the planks of wood flying out of a gap in a fence line next to the motorway.

Much like boomerangs the planks of wood glide towards the HGV before cracking the windscreen upon impact.

The video has shocked many in the comments with the HGV driver claiming this was a deliberate attack on his vehicle.

The HGV driver chased two “kids” who are thought to have done it

The HGV driver in the comments said: “That gap was a fence, and [the] fence panels is what hit us and three other HGV’s windows and one HGV window frame. They [were] parked up down [the] road. I give chase down [the] embankment across [the] motorway, over a field then lost them.

“Two hours before local police (not motorway police) and we could still hear them shouting from housing estate.”

He later says “kids breaking fencing panels off and throwing them at HGVs.”

The clip has shocked many others.

One commenter said: “Do these low life f*****s have any idea how dangerous that is. These ts are on borderline attempted murder surely Glad your ok drive.”

Police are currently investigating the incident

A second commenter added: “The police should have got some undercover, dog and armed units. They would catch them. This is not vandalism, but close to manslaughter.

“Lucky the glass held, or it could have been more serious!”

A third commenter added: “Mummy’s little darlings (my Johnny would never do such a thing) says mum.”

Police today confirmed that they were called to the scene after reports of criminal damage.

A spokeswoman from West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to a report of criminal damage of a motor vehicle at the Darrington Junction of the A1 at 9.45pm on Tuesday April 8.

“Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting 13190184402 or use the live chat facility at”