Environmental Campaigners will bring Edinburgh to a stand still

(C) Lauren McGlynn. The protest is part of a series of protests across the world.

ENVIRONMENTAL activists will block one of Edinburgh’s busiest streets tomorrow escalating a campaign with an aim to force the government to address climate change.

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion gained headlines earlier this month after staging a semi-naked protest in the House of Commons.

The disruptive road block will take place on North Bridge starting at 3pm and will cause mass disruption, not just for those who use the road to get home from work, but for the wider city.

It will begin with a group of mass cyclists covering the road and slowing traffic before coming to a complete stop.

The protesters will then block the road with ceilidh dancing and ‘citizen assemblies’ to discuss ways to deal with climate change.

The disruption is the latest in a string of direct actions which the group have undertaken in Scotland in 2019 including; interrupting FMQs on 28th March, disrupting the Scottish Oil Club dinner at the National Museum Scotland on 8th March and blocking roads in a ‘blue wave’ symbolising the rising Clyde in Glasgow on the 2nd March.

The protest is stewarded and the police have already been informed by the campaign group.