East Kilbride social business launches publishing arm

Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE.

AN EAST KILBRIDE training and recruitment firm has added a publishing arm to its roster of charitable activities.

LOVE, the social business, aim to solve social problems in a financially sustainable way, and uses profits from its recruitment and training activity to invest in their own charitable activities.

LOVE Publications will publish educational and resource materials for children, young people, parents and teaching staff in the form of books, e-books and podcasts.

The publishing arm will specialise in educational, training, social care and support themes, with a specific emphasis on those requiring additional support for learning.

Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE said: “With the launch of our new publishing services, we want to position LOVE as one of Scotland’s leading providers of publications targeted at those who require additional support.

“We welcome our new programme as an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young adults.

“Those purchasing the materials will also be supporting our charitable activities, investing  money back into the community through using a socially responsible provider.”

All profits acquired through the purchases of LOVE Publications’ material will be used to support charitable arm LOVE learning, which specialises in providing education, employability, social care, and physical health programmes to vulnerable children and young people.