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Dramatic moment off road biker films himself plunging 40ft off cliff – and lives to tell the tale

DRAMATIC video shows an off-road biker accidentally ride over the edge of a 40ft cliff and plunge down the rock face.

Adrian Owen cheated death but suffered numerous broken bones and needed to be evacuated by helicopter.

The 25-year-old was biking with a friend near Trefil quarry in the Brecon Beacons National Park on Sunday when disaster struck.

An action camera mounted to his helmet caught the moment Adrian veered towards the cliff edge and then tumbled into space.

The terrifying moment Adrian realised he had gone too far.

The impact of the fall separated Adrian’s helmet and camera, which then captured his body rolling on the ground.

Adrian, a mechanic from Abercanaid, Glamorgan, is being treated at Cardiff and Vale University Hospital for a broken jaw, wrist, and knee. Medics fear he may also have damaged two vertebrae.

Video of the accident was uploaded with the caption: “I would like to say a massive thank you to my family and friends for their concern at this time.

“I am very lucky to be still alive. I’d like to give a big shout out to the mountain rescue, air ambulance crew, medical staff and anyone else that has helped me pull through this.

“Also a big shout-out to the boys for reassuring and comforting me while the help was on its way.”

He added: “And to anyone that rides off road bikes always be aware of your surroundings as all it takes is one silly mistake like mine and it could be game over. I got off very lucky.”

The clip begins with Adrian overtaking his friend and going over several bumps at quite a high speed before he suddenly plunges off the cliff.

The ‘silly mistake’ made social media users squirm.

Adrian comes off his bike and pushes his hands forward to save him but ends rolling over the rocks and landing hard on his back.

Adrian and the camera have now separated and a frozen body can be seen lying on the floor.

Michael Dekan wrote under Adrian’s post: “F*** I actually felt like I was falling watching this, came out of nowhere lol.”

Mandy Lines said: “F*** me. Why were you speeding the path? That’s crazy riding on that section.

“You are very lucky you alive. Must have been an Angel on your shoulder. Glad you made it out alive. Very close shave.”

Matt Ross posted: “Holy s***. I got scared from that.”

Matthew Smith added: “What on earth were you thinking. Jesus Christ. You’re lucky to be alive.”

He was helplessly flung from his bike and toppled down the hill.

Speaking today, Adrian’s father, Alan Owen 53, said: “He’s lucky to be alive after that fall from that cliff. He’s very lucky. He’s not going to be disabled from it, which is good. He’s got lots of visitors coming to see him.

“He’s doing alright. He’s got a couple of operations coming up. He’s getting measured up for his operation tomorrow for his jaw. They need to operate on his arm, leg and they are looking at his back at the moment to find out what is wrong with it.

“He broke his wrist and damaged a few teeth as well. He’s lucky to be here and the rescuers did a great job.

“I would like to thank the medical team, air ambulance and all those involved for saving my boy’s life.”

A mountain rescue team had to react quickly.

A spokesman for Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team said: “We responded pretty quickly to the accident, as it happened really close to where we are based.

“We were already out providing assistance for a racing event when we got the call from the police and ambulance and went to the Trefil Quarry.

“It was found that an off road motorcyclist had inadvertently ridden over the edge of a small quarry, falling some 30-40ft, sustaining significant injuries.

“The air ambulance was already there and the paramedics had already done a good job with packaging him up then put him in the air ambulance where he was taken to hospital.

“We were called to provide resources and sometimes man power to help carry the stretcher and to survey the area.

“A truly efficient professional multi-agency response. We wish him a speedy and hopefully a full recovery.”

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: “We can confirm that incident was reported to us at 12.34pm on 14 April 2019.

“Officers alerted the mountain rescue teams who went on to complete the rescue.

“Our understanding is non-life threatening injuries but broken bones – taken to hospital by air ambulance. No third party involvement. The man was 25 years-old from Abercanaid area.”

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