Pet dog drowns in holiday park sewage tank and then is “dumped in bag” on caravan balcony


A HEARTBROKEN family’s pet dog was dumped in a black bag on their caravan balcony after it drowned in a sewage works.

Tara managed to escape from the holiday park and slipped into a sewage pool, where she was found the following day by owner Michael Kelly.

But sadness turned to horror a few hours later when holiday park staff fished Tara out of the pool.

With the children inside the caravan, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, wrapped in a bin bag, was unceremoniously dumped on the balcony.

Tara’s body was dumped on the balcony in a black bin bag

Michael, 29, and his partner, Kerryann White, 26, were on a break with their three children at Viewfield Manor Holiday Park, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, last week.

Tara, six, went missing on Sunday. It became clear the following morning that she had crawled under a fence separating the park from its sewage treatment facilty nearby.

Kerryann, from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, posted: “On buying the caravan we were told it was family friendly, it was very secure.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tara went missing on Sunday

“Yet, our beautiful girl lost her life by drowning in the sewage waste pools of this holiday park that was unsecure.

“An unlocked gate left unattended, no fencing or security around this part. This could have been one of my kids or someone else’s, and it very much so feels like it was one of my children, in fact it was.”

Michael said today: “We searched for her for hours on end, it started to get dark and because she was jet black we called it a night and started search again in the morning.

Michael found Tara’s body floating in the sewage pool on Monday morning

“I noticed a gate which was not locked and a huge gap under the gate. That’s when I noticed her floating in the water.

“We called the reception two guys came round in a van. Twenty minutes later they came back with her in a black bag and dumped her on the balcony of the caravan.”

Lisa Kelly, Michael’s sister, said today: “For them to dump the dog in a black bin bag on their caravan porch with the kids inside – we are not leaving this.”

The family feel they have lost a daughter and sister

Mic Key responded online: “Thats f****** disgusting to leave that dog out there for everyone to see! I’d be f****** raging if they had done that to my dog! Dog’s died and still show no f****** respect to the owners.

June Mabawzaa Ritchie wrote: “This is absolutely horrendous. If someone said to me ‘at least it was only a dog’ and dump them in a black bag I’d be fuming so sorry for your loss.”

Viewfield Manor Holiday Park have said that they did all they could and wrapped the dog in a blanket.

A spokeswoman for Viewfield Manor Holiday Park said: “Our deepest condolences go out to the White family for the tragic loss of their beloved pet.

Viewfield Manor Holiday Park claim to have wrapped Tara in a blanket

“When her disappearance was reported to us we quickly took details of her description and alerted all staff on the park.

“We do clearly state that all dogs must be on leads at all times when on our parks however, we do understand that accidents happen and we were very saddened to hear that this accident ended tragically.

“We offered our condolences to the family and made sure our maintenance staff located the dog and delivered her back to them, at their request, wrapped in a blanket.

“At no point were we rude or unsympathetic to what was a very distressing situation.”