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Two women slowly crossing road almost knocked down by speeder – in wrong lane

TWO female pedestrians come within inches of being mown down when a driver speeds across a junction on the wrong side of the road.

The shocking dashcam footage was taken from a car on the main road which stops to let the pair safely cross.

But just as the reach the pavement, a car rockets out of a side street, crosses the main road and enters a road on the other side in the wrong lane.

The car comes so close to the women that one of them lifts her leg up as if she had been struck.

The incident happened on Friday in the Heysham area of, Morecambe, Lancashire.

The video was uploaded to Facebook last night (Sun) by Yu Rec, from Heysham, with the caption: “OMG!!!.”

In the clip, the dashcam driver can be seen safely driving down the road and in the distance two people can be seen slowly crossing the road at the far side.

The women were feet away from being hit

The older woman, pushing a trolley, is barely on the pavement when the car whizzes past.

The dashcam driver holds their horn to alert the driver of the black car to the near lethal manoeuvre they made and can be heard making a very heavy sigh of relief.

The young girl is so terrified she even lifts her foot from the ground and holds her arms in to keep her safe.

The driver was in the wrong lane

She then slows down and does a double take before carrying on walking down the road.

Andy Smith wrote under Yu’s post with: “Wtf. How stupid.”

Jasmine Rothendale added: “I’d get a lottery ticket if I were you.”

The video has shocked many in the comments

Nadeem Walayat said: “That area needs some speed bumps.”

Dale Newbrook posted: “Dogs k**b.”

Bryce Greer wrote: “Literally on my doorstep and you’ll be surprised how people fly around in that area. Good old Morecambe Bay.”

Lancashire Police said the incident had not been reported.

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