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NewsDPD driver sacked after reversing into car and then sneakily checking no-one...

DPD driver sacked after reversing into car and then sneakily checking no-one saw before taking off

A DPD driver has been sacked after he was caught reversing into a car and then sneakily checking no-one had seen before driving off.

The careless driver reverses his van into a small car with enough force to push it back a few feet – causing damage worth at least £1,200 and possibly even writing it off.

CCTV then shows the DPD man get out and check in all directions to see if anyone is watching.

Wrongly believing he has got away with it, the driver reverses and almost hits the car again before taking off.

What the driver did not realise is that a security camera was watching over the industrial estate in Telford, Shropshire.

The owner of the bashed yellow Fiat, Ashley Whitsey, 26, got hold of the footage filmed last month and used it to get DPD to own up.

DPD have confirmed the driver who hit Ashley’s FIat will no longer be working for them after he breached policy by leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it.

Ashley, a mechanical engineer from Telford, shared the video online with the caption: “Let’s see how this hit and run claim goes.”

The van is filmed bashing the yellow car

After the accident, the DPD driver gets out and goes to he back of the van to inspect the damage.

He can then be seen looking in all directions to try to work out if anyone spotted his bad driving.

Gavin My wrote under Ashley’s post saying: “Hope they throw the book at him, a**hole shouldn’t have driven off.”

Mike Smith said: “Little p***k. It ain’t like it’s some old knacker… even if it looks like one.”

The van driver got out to check the damage after the incident

Emma Fenton added: “You have tried to do things the nice way but they are just taking the p***.”

Joey Fletcher said: “What a pleb.”

Although not everyone agreed with the post with one admitting to doing similar on more than one occasion.

Andy Jefferies posted: “Nothing unusual there. I’ve done that many times it’s all part of the job. Park stupid get hit simple.”

DPD have said the driver will no longer work for them

Ashley today explain that his Fiat is his “weekend toy” used for racing.

Speaking today Ashley said: “The biggest annoyance for me so far is I’ve missed a few races and will miss a few others as I’m trying to get one of my other cars finished.”

“DPD have admitted liability but will probably drag this out and then write it off.”

He added: “The driver managed to shove my Fiat a fair few feet with it parked in gear.

The company said the culprit was a “cover driver”

“He was the perfect height to hit the rear tow bar and twist it up damaging the boot floor and rear panel of my car.”

A spokesman for DPD said: “DPD has a strict policy that all accidents must be reported immediately.

“Leaving the scene of an accident and not reporting it is a serious breach of that policy.

“The driver concerned was a cover driver and will not work for DPD again.”

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