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NewsGrateful motorist posts kind-hearted note from traffic warden after ticket machine meltdown

Grateful motorist posts kind-hearted note from traffic warden after ticket machine meltdown

A GRATEFUL motorist has posted the kind-hearted note she received – from a traffic warden.

The driver – known on Twitter as “Lyd” – had problems with a ticket machine and left a note for wardens pleading with her to show mercy.

To her amazement, when she returned to the car park in Northampton she found a sweet message letting her off, rather than the fine of up to £70 she was fearing.

In the windscreen letter left yesterday, Lyd explained: “I tried to pay for 2 hours but didn’t work so had to get 2 separate at same time.

The driver left a note beside two individual tickets to reveal a problem with the machine

“Pls don’t give me a ticket.”

Lyd, who paid £1 for one ticket and 60p for the other, signed off the note with a drawing of a sad face.

When Lyd returned to the Midsummer Meadow car park, a yellow sticker was attached to the windscreen and the worst was feared.

But on opening the package, Lyd was delighted and relieved to discover a very rare act of mercy had been shown.

Inside the parking charge notice was a kind reply from the warden

The warden had written: “Good afternoon. Okay, this time I’ll give you.”

Underneath a smiley face had been drawn.

The warden constructively added: “It’s important you remember that should this happen in the future you MUST phone the number on the board next to the machine.”

After writing the number down, the warden signed off the note with “Have a good rest of the day.”

Lyd posted to Twitter to thank the parking warden for the letter

Posting both images on Twitter, Lyd captioned the tweet “Thanks for understanding x.”

One of Lyd’s followers, obviously not having encountered merciful traffic wardens, responded: “I f***** hate you.” Lyd responded: “Thanks so much”.

Although very rare, such a show of understanding is not unique.

In December last year, Ross Crombie-Noble from Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria left his car overnight on double yellow lines outside his partner’s home.

Lyd encountered her parking ticket issue at Midsummer Meadow in Northampton

Instead of receiving a charge, he received a note from the warden saying: “Merry Christmas, enjoy not getting a ticket.”

And in March 2017, a woman in Plymouth was directed to a private parking bay by a helpful warden but returned to a yellow envelope on her windscreen.

Penny Cross was furious at the find but relaxed after the note left inside read: “Hope you had a lovely meal, regards, your friendly traffic warden.”

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