Moment ambulance forced to stop on 999 call so paramedic can order tailgater to back off


VIDEO shows a selfish motorist tailgate an ambulance through gridlocked traffic – until a paramedic jumps out and orders them to stop.

The dashcam shows two lanes of packed traffic move out of the way as the ambulance on a 999 call comes through.

But just feet behind a black Nissan Juke takes advantage of the space created to try to beat the traffic jam.

The ambulance can then be seen to stop. Michael Wheeler, who filmed in the incident on the A45 in Birmingham on Wednesday, said a paramedic got out and angrily ordered the Nissan driver to back off.

Michael posted the video to a closed Facebook group later that day saying: “This idiot demonstrates stupid and selfish behaviour as traffic parts to let an ambulance on blue lights through.

“He sees it as his chance to proceed and therefore slows down the ambulance because they are forced to stop, get out and shout at him to continue their journey safely.”

In the video, Michael blasts his horn, and says “what a t***” as the Nissan appears to have got away with jumping the queue.

As the ambulance stops and, off camera but witnessed by Michael, the paramedic jumps out, Michael says: “They’ve gone out to tell him off.”

The ambulance stops for 15 seconds as the black Nissan can be seen slithering into the left hand lane.

Paramedics were forced to get out of their vehicle to tell off a selfish motorist from tailgating them

The ambulance then drives off slowly after being forced to waste valuable time.

The video has angered many paramedics who have had similar encounters with tailgaters.

One commenter said: “My wife hates them. She says it’s very distracting when they’re being tailgated like that on a shout!”

A second commenter added: “This happens every single day… it creates a nightmare for any of our staff.”

A third commenter wrote: “It’s a high risk to take, it’s illegal and its an unnecessary distraction for the paramedic that is trying to get to the patient quickly and safely.”

Another commenter said: “Had that yesterday, ambulance on blues and a car transporter van following with car in back. Cheeky s*.”

The ambulance driver stops the vehicle to tell off the black Nissan driver

Contact centre advisor Michael said a paramedic came out of the ambulance and confronted the driver in the car.

He said: “It’s just out of view from the camera, but I can confirm they got out and told him off. He [Nissan driver] then proceeded back with normal traffic.

“I didn’t hear what was said. The driver was a male and he had a male passenger also. I know this because he was alongside me further along the road at the lights.

“Some people have shown some concerns that it may be a family member following but we know that’s not the case [and] wouldn’t be allowed.”

West Midlands Ambulance Service have condemned the video and reminded drivers that they could make a huge difference in getting to an emergency call in time.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “It is incredibly disappointing to hear of vehicles tailgating our ambulances when they are travelling on blue lights and sirens, not to mention incredibly dangerous.

“Our staff are specially trained to drive under blue light conditions. Many of the calls we respond to are life and death situations where every second counts.

“Our crews rely on the help of other road users and by knowing what to do and driving safely, you could make a difference between life and death for the patient we are responding to.”