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NewsShocking moment thugs rob and attack cabbie - oblivious to camera filming...

Shocking moment thugs rob and attack cabbie – oblivious to camera filming their every move

SHOCKING video shows a taxi driver robbed and kicked by thugs who have no clue their vile behaviour has been caught on camera.

The clip shows the cabbie suffer a barrage of abuse before the gang steal his mobile, cash and then deliver a painful kick to his torso. The driver also suffered bruising to his head and arm.

But the yobs could be looking at the inside of a police cell after they failed to notice a camera built in to the rear view mirror which caught their every move.

The incident happened on Whetley Lane, Bradford, on April 12 at around 7:20pm.

The video was shared across social media Tuesday by Girlington Taxis manager Bilal Madni.

He wrote: “Little Ramis robbed a taxi driver (Bradford) Girlington Taxi his mobile phone and money was stolen and they didn’t pay fare and damaged the car.

“Any information about these pathetic thieves call 101 or call crime stoppers 0800 555 111. Tag them in if anyone knows them.”

The video shows four men in the taxi, one of whom is sat in the front and is giving a dead eye stare at the taxi driver.

The driver called Bilal before getting abuse shouted at him

The thug in the front seat then shouts at the taxi driver: “Bro, what you going to do bro!” The taxi driver responds calmly to the thugs before they get aggressive. The thug in front seat then shouts: “Open the f door bro!”

One thug from the back seat jumps forward at the taxi driver and says: “Get this f door open, are you mad, are you mad or something, are you mad bro?”

The man is oblivious to the fact his face is directly in front of the hidden camera.

The taxi driver opens the door and the thugs escape the car. The man in front seat kicks the driver before dashing off.

One yob jumped at the driver whilst driving behind the wheel

Another camera angle shows the thugs running down an alley after leaving the taxi.

Arshad Mahmood responded online: “F****** low life b******s.”

Yomaaz Achunt added: “Northern inbreds again, they should all just be exterminated.”

Azzy Ali wrote: “Let’s hope you find them and show them what’s up bro with baseball bats?”

The driver was kicked by the thug sitting in the front

Kingkyzer Javaid said: “Scummy f****** rats – torch these f*****s on full flame.”

Taxi manager Bilal today said that the incident has left the driver traumatised.

Bilal said: “He didn’t return to work for five or six days because he was too traumatised. I had to give him assurance that we will fight this all the way with him.

“He doesn’t feel comfortable picking up young kids. He requests to go to the back of the queue if it means him not picking up young people.

“He got a lump on his head and a bruise on his arm. He could of been stabbed.”

Bilal has called out the police to do more

Bilal shared the video across social media after he was left frustrated by the police’s efforts to catch the culprits.

He added: “I am appalled by the police. They said the chance of them getting charged is pretty slim because it’s not clear that he was assulted. I am appalled at the whole handling of the thing.

“We did some of the policing work for them. Taxis help police out numerous times on missing persons cases. Everyday taxi drivers are getting attacked, everyday taxi drivers are getting robbed. It just appalls you when the shoes on the other foot and nothing is done about it.”

West Yorkshire Police have contacted the victim and ensured the public that they are doing all they can to investigate these alleged offences.

Chief Inspector Karen Lindsay, of Bradford District, said: “I would like to reassure the victim and others within the community that we are investigating these alleged offences and that there are a number of active enquiries underway to identify those involved.

“It is unacceptable that members of our community can be targeted in this manner and we have been in contact with the victim to offer our assurances that we are doing all we can in the circumstances.

“Our actions include the suspect images being circulated on the ‘Caught on Camera’ section of our website and on social media seeking the public’s help in identifying the men pictured.

“If anyone has any information which could help the ongoing investigation in to this incident I would ask that they please contact the police via either our live webchat service or via 101, quoting crime reference 13190199085.

“Members of the public wishing to remain anonymous can also contact Crimestoppers quoting the same reference number.”

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