Big name funders give backing to new Glasgow Science Centre exhibition


A GROUNDBREAKING new exhibition, showcasing the very best in Scottish innovation, is to open in early 2020 after Glasgow Science Centre reached a significant milestone in the project’s funding.

“Idea #59: We Are All Innovators” will launch next year as an interactive educational exhibit designed to nurture critical 21st century skills.

At the heart of the idea, it recognises the ability and need of people in Scotland to innovate, to adapt and to invent.

Eighteen organisations to date have confirmed financial and in-kind support, many of which are providing capital costs towards the project. These organisations include the Royal Navy, Skyscanner and the Scottish Government.

(C) Glasgow Science Centre

The science centre’s chief executive says they are eager to develop a culture of innovation that inspires young people to “harness their full potential and play a key role in creating the innovations that will transform our society”.

Dr Stephen Breslin, Glasgow Science Centre’s chief executive, said:

“The exhibition is aiming to inspire everyone – from children to adults – to consider the future and their place in it as our society is transformed by technology and innovation.

“For our nation to continue to innovate, to adapt and to invent we must inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and creative thinkers and a visit to ‘Idea #59’ will empower people to learn more about the circular economy and how our world is changing.”

(C) Glasgow Science Centre

Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, said: “Scotland has a rich heritage of innovation – from ATMs to ultrasound, our inventions have helped shape the modern world.

“Innovating is part of our DNA, and with the world now changing faster than ever, it’s even more important for Scotland to continue to stay at the cutting edge.

“I’m delighted to hear that ‘Idea#59: We Are All Innovators’ will open next year, and I’m confident the exhibition will help to inspire our future generations of innovators.

“Innovation works for companies by improving business practices, products, processes and profits; it works for our people by improving and enriching lives; and it works for Scotland by driving growth and productivity.

“I look forward to visiting the exhibition when it opens next year.”