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Moment maniac swerves through red lights at major junction near scene of horrific fatal a year ago

JAW-dropping video shows a reckless driver swerve past cars stopped at red lights and then barge into moving traffic at a busy junction.

The footage was filmed in Edinburgh near to the scene of a horrific fatal accident last year in which a joyriding driver caused a motorist to burn to death inside his vehicle.

The driver of the silver car finds all three lanes ahead blocked by cars waiting at red lights and reacts by swerving into the oppostite lane.

After going through the junction on red the car then ignores heavy traffic joining from the right and barges in, forcing vehicles to emergency brake.

Andrew Gallacher, from Edinburgh, was furious when he caught the driver’s extremely dangerous manoeuvre on the A8 Glasgow Road, Maybury junction on Sunday afternoon.

The 34-year-old uploaded the clip to a closed Facebook group last night captioned with: “Speaks for itself really.”

Referring to the death in May last year of Jonny Smith, he added: “Literally just around the corner from here an idiot driving like this one did exactly what this one did but killed a man.

The silver car cuts in front Andrew ahead of some red lights. Image: Andrew Gallacher

“He burned to death, trapped in his car. The offender fled the scene and has never been caught.”

One user commented under Andrew’s post: “WTF was my first reaction.”

Another wrote: “That was bloody ridiculous.”

One added: “What an absolute b***end. I hope the police see that video.”

The car swerves in and out of traffic. Image: Andrew Gallacher

One said: “Wow. Dangerous and stupid.”

Speaking today (Mon) Andrew said: “At first I thought it was just some impatience sod cutting in front of me. But then I seen they just carried on into the junction on the wrong side of the road.

“I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If I had to put money on it. Probably stolen for a joyride or to be used to commit other crimes.

The silver car almost causes a crash Image: Andrew Gallacher

“I was really quite angry at them. But unfortunately I was in no position to give chase. Not without being just about as reckless.”

Andrew said today he had tweeted Police Scotland to the existence of the footage.

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