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Student leaves window open for Easter and returns to uni to find pigeon raising a family in his room

A STUDENT returned to university after Easter and discovered a pigeon was raising a family in his room.

Ben Wise’s video shows bird poo, feathers and other debris scattered about his digs.

The 19-year-old then films behind a screen propped up against a wall – revealing a pigeon in her nest.

Ben, who left a window open at his Devonshire Courtyard accommodation in Sheffield to “keep the air” fresh, now has a long-term room mate.

The bird, originally renamed Charlie, has laid two eggs and Ben is not allowed to move her without going through the rigmarole of getting a licence.

Ben, from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, who is studying digital media at Sheffield Hallam University, says in the video: “Tell me why a bird has f****** gotten into my room and s*** everywhere while I’ve been at home?”

He describes the scene as a “f****** joke” before turning the camera to show the pigeon on its nest behind a large piece of artwork at the side of the room.

Continuing to film, Ben says: “A f****** bird has made a nest in my room. Mate, this is insane. Tell me why this is a thing.”

Ben returned to digs at the Devonshire Courtyard accommodation to find his new lodger

Making light of the situation, Ben then names his new roommate “Charlie” as the bird looks unfazed by his return.

He adds: “Apparently he’s been living in my room, so I don’t know what I’m going to do as pre-drinks are in ten minutes!”

Speaking of the incident, Ben revealed he now has a new name for his visitor.

He said: “I went home over Easter and left the window open so the room smelled nice and fresh when I got back – only to find that Danny had moved in.”

Amazingly, the pigeon is nesting and has laid eggs

And Ben is now stuck with his lodger.

He said: “There are two eggs in the nest and the videos show them.

“There is no action being taken towards the nest as you need to apply for a licence to move it which I am reluctant to do as I don’t want to disrupt Danny and his family.

“I was only staying in the flat for the night as I am currently job hunting back in Manchester.

“I did sleep in the same room as Danny when I was there, however, I do plan on visiting whenever I get the money for trains to make sure they are doing alright.”

The clip was shared on Twitter by Ben’s friend Ellie-May where it has amassed over 76,000 views.

Ben has now returned home to Manchester and left the pigeon to occupy his uni room

Twitter user Livvy Croppley responded by pointing out the evidence of an egg suggests the pigeon was not a “he” as Ben describes.

She said: “How does he not know that a bird that’s laid eggs is a female?

“Anyway bird eggs and nests are protected by law so he should call a local wildlife rescue or animal shelter if it’s still there.”

Meanwhile, Wendy Berry wrote: “That is disgusting!”

Charlubby said: “It’s the pigeon’s room now.”

And Vic Blaszkowska said: “Poor thing, probably scared to death! Wish this happened to me.”

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