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What are the advantages of RTB

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Real-time bidding is not a new trend right now, however a lot of marketers prefer working the same old way. To be honest, new approach do has problems to resolve like fraud or transparency issues, lack of creativity and so on. But the method is worth paying attention to and here we have prepared some information about it benefits for both sides.

First of all, advertising has started evaluating more actively. New platforms and networks with their inventory have come to the market while advertisers and agencies can buy impressions for particular audiences only.

*It seems to be more logical and correct approach as, while renting a place on particular website we may display our ads to absolutely different audiences in age, income and interests (if we don’t talk about specialized portals or forums). User is also benefiting here as the ads becomes relevant to his interests and web behaviour.

If we continue discussing the conditions everybody worked before, both Advertisers and Publishers will remember they had to communicate with dozens of advertising agencies with its unique design, terms and conditions, style of work and so on in each. The cost was announced by the owners of advertising systems and platforms.

As Advertisers had a banner or advertising place only for their business, it was a complicated task to see when and on which playgrounds target audience is hanging out right now.

The process of media buying was complicated by such things and there certainly should have been a solution to simplify all that stuff with one access point and entrance for different markets and playgrounds. Probably, it was an hour of triumf for programmatic and RTB platforms.

Nowadays almost every advertising network uses the technology, at least huge ones like Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc.

In comparison with old model of media buying, RTB advertising doesn’t offer a place, but impression to an exact user. Thus, happy advertisers pay for target audience only.

Besides, that can seem a bit confusing on the start, there is no fixed price for advertising. Advertisers themselves are bidding with a step of one cent. As in a usual one, the winner is that who offered the highest price. What is interesting in the technology, that price for payment will be a second one.

The approach will be appreciated even by very skeptical people as the technology works as if under slogan “advertising for everybody”: there is a very low acceptance level, even 10 dollars may be enough. If you still feel there is something wrong in the idea, you will not lose big sums of money.

Targeting options, a sensitive button for many Advertisers, are enormous there so that blank displays are minimized.

As we have discussed, audience is in focus here. It means that small Publishers are also given a chance to earn some money. Generally, websites and blogs with low traffic of 1 000 visits per day or lower were rejected by networks, but it is possible to engage them, too.

Mainly Publishers were afraid that their inventory would be sold at the lowest possible prices, but they are given option to set minimal price they are ready to buy, so the cost will never fall lowed than this level.

Real time bidding platform has also acquired something from traditional platforms and they can also offer not only remnant inventory, but a premium one as well. Such auctions are called private and the Advertisers can get access there by invitation only and can be rejected by decision of Publishers at the moment they feel suitable. The prices there are higher, but requirements are also of high standard.

It is only up to you which platform to choose for advertising, you may be a fan of the network you use, but why not to choose one more option and compare the results?

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