Video shows Scottish Highland walkers battle snow, wind and -15c temperatures – on May 4


VIDEO shows walkers in the Scottish Highlands lashed by heavy snow, wind and minus 15C temperatures – in May.

Panel beater Roddy Watson, from Glasgow, was hiking in the Cairngorms on Saturday where the climate resembled a harsh mid-winter.

The 55-year-old, who was walking at around 3,000ft, uploaded the clip with the caption: “Cairngorms 4th May”

The video shows Roddy and four other hikers making their way in treacherous conditions.

As he pans the camera round, all the surfaces are completely covered over with snow.

Visibility is seriously decreased as they venture up the hill before the footage ends.

The group were forced to deal with harsh conditions on their hike Source: Roddy Watson

Catherine Cardigan Mclevy responded: “Oh my lord. That weather! Get down safely.”

Dave Carruthers commented: “Best weather to be out in.”

Lissà Ana Brown said: “Holy f***. You would think it was the middle of winter!”

Sean Howlett said: “I see summer has arrived in Scotland!”

Alan Barlow commented: “It was like a blizzard when did Ben Vrackie on Saturday as well. Started out lovely and sunny. Then blam! Could barely see.”

Visibility became a real issue during their walk Source: Roddy Watson

Speaking today, Roddy confirmed how bad the weather was on the weekend.

He said: “It was about 2700 feet. My garmin said so. Someone told us it was a 5k climb. More like 5 miles.

“We were battered by a snow storm. I’d say with wind chill, – 15.”

Roddy was part of a group of five who tackled the conditions on Cairngorms Source: Roddy Watson

The whole of the UK experienced much colder than usual temperatures during the bank holiday weekend as a result of air pushing down from the north.

Polar air continues to chill the country and things could get worse in the next few days as flooding and thunderstorms are predicted.

But forecasters are also predicting a dramatic rise in temperatures next week.