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BusinessBritish rocket company scoops best business in Edinburgh

British rocket company scoops best business in Edinburgh

A British rocket company has been crowned the best business in the city at a prestigious award ceremony.

Edinburgh-based start-up Skyrora won the “Best Business in Edinburgh” award at the Scottish SME Business Awards.

The company aim to achieve a feat that has not been accomplished yet by a private company launching from the UK – reaching the edge of space.

The company based Princes Street, which recently opened a new production facility nearby scooped the award after winning a public vote.

Skyrora's team that scooped the coveted prize (C) Ivon Bartholomew
Skyrora’s team that scooped the coveted prize (C) Ivon Bartholomew

Skyrora has already assembled two vehicles as they continue with preparations for its upcoming test launch missions as they aim to launch small satellites into the Earth’s lower orbit from the UK.

The rocket company’s upcoming launches will allow their team to gain more experience, with their final two test rockets capable of reaching the edge of space.

The space firm is aligned with UK Government and UK Space Agency plans to launch rockets from a new spaceport in Scotland – and is bidding to become the primary UK-based provider.

The company has grown to over 120 staff in less than two years with production facilities and R&D centres stretched across four countries.

The SME Business Awards are designed to commend businesses and entrepreneurs across the country for pushing the boundaries of innovation and imagination.

Daniel Smith, Director at Skyrora said: “Its an honour to be recognised by The Scottish SME Business Awards. There’s a lot of work ahead for us, but it’s great to know there’s so much interest and support for what we’re doing.”

“The award was a real boost for the whole team. We’re very proud of our roots in Scotland’s capital and the nation’s key position in respect to the UK and wider European commercial space sector.”

A Spokesperson for the Scottish SME Business Awards 2019 said: “SME businesses play a vital role in Scotland’s economy and we feel that it is of great importance to recognise the drive and commitment of the individuals and organisations who have established a profitable business”

Skyrora draws on Britain’s previous launch heritage through the Black Arrow and Skylark programmes and aims to develop a local supply chain while creating new employment opportunities to inspire the next generation of talent.

Earlier this year it unveiled the first stage of Black Arrow – the only British launch vehicle to reach orbit in 1971 – which it brought back to the UK from its landing spot in the Australian outback for educational outreach purposes.

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