Reasons for Considering a Motability Car


Motability is a charity that is government funded, created to help disabled people with motion and getting around. As such, a Motability car is one that can be easily driven and controlled, even if the driver has a physical impediment that would prevent them from using an average car.

Also, while it is an investment that should be considered from all angles, many people find the new freedom from owning one of these cars well worth the cost.

Who Can Own a Motability Vehicle and What Are the Benefits?

To own one of these unique cars, at least one of the following requirements must be satisfied: clients might have a Higher Rate Mobility Component from a Disability Living Allowance or earn an Armed Forces Independence Payment.

Image: Pixabay/MikesPhotos

Benefits from having a vehicle from this brand include a new replacement of the car every three years along with full services, maintenance, and insurance offered.

While there is an annual car tax, up to two drivers are allowed to use each vehicle with a 60,000 mileage allowance for the first three years. In addition, other adaptations can be added at no extra costs.

Smart EQ Fortwo Coupé

This is one type of the Smart Motability Cars offered, boasting emission-free technology to help improve the world. It is also described as the “perfect city car”.

These can run from €10,000 to €15,000. One of the most popular models called “pure” even boasts a smart audio system, heated and electrically-adjustable side mirrors, and a lockable glovebox.

It comes in white with a soft-look roof that has a convertible feel to it, making it both stylish and practical.

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

Another popular choice with an almost silent motor, this car can be used for city driving as well. In addition, it can drive up to 94 mph, offering an automatic starting and stopping system along with cruise control.

Also, not only is there voice recognition, but an onboard computer and a direct steering system to make it easier for the driver to focus on the road.

Besides, benefits of the interior of the car include automatic climate control, front head restraints, lockable glove compartment, lighting system for the driver and passengers to see, and an Isofix child seat attachment.

When driving the vehicle, there is a smart audio system that can connect to various Bluetooth devices such as phones.

Those are only two types of cars offered out of dozens from the Sandown-Group as it works to improve access to Motability Smart Cars.

Indeed, with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 from 421 reviews, they seem to be accomplishing their role, improving the world a little at a time by helping the disabled achieve mobility and freedom like never before.

Call the company to see which smart cars would be the best for you and whether you could qualify for one of these high tech vehicles.