Motorist caught on camera creating Bond-style smokescreen so thick it cut traffic speeds by 30mph


HILARIOUS video shows a motorist make their car invisible using a James Bond-style smokescreen belching from the exhaust.

The dashcam video shows the vehicle generating a cloud of smoke so thick it completely hides the car from view for seconds at a time.

It is only when the car turns right that it can be glimpsed clearly enough to see it’s a small hatchback as opposed to a Aston Martin DB5, as driven by Bond in Goldfinger.

The incident happened yesterday at around 2:30pm in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, reducing traffic speeds on a 50mph road to barely 20mph.

The clip was captured by 46-year-old Joanne Hardy, from Wisbech St Mary, Cambridgeshire.

There was so much smoke that the car was not visible at times

She posted the clip to a public dash cam group later that day captioned: “I’m no expert but this car’s got a problem.”

The video shows a black car spouting out smoke from its exhaust which blocked Joanne’s line of sight.

Pedestrians become engulfed in the fumes as they walk along a nearby pavement.

The black car cannot been seen through the smoke in as Joanne is left with only a couple of metres of visibility.

Joanne and the smoking car reach a 50mph zone. Yet, Joanne is unable to overtake the car as she cannot see what is in front of her.

The car eventually turns right at a junction revealing the clear sunny day that was shrouded by the smoke.

Joanne said: “I’m no expert but this car’s got a problem.”

The clip has lead to many people making jokes in the comments.

John Sosig said: “Like James Bond with the smokescreen.”

Dave Tipper added: “It’s coal powered.”

Nick Stevens wrote: “I can see smokey. Where’s the bandit?”

Steve Pike Pioneer Shaw said: “He’s a retired Red Arrow pilot, and decided to put smoke canister from his old jet onto his car.”

Graeme Facy added: “Captain I am giving it all she’s got! She’s going to blow Captain!”

One social media user joked: “It’s coal powered.”

However, others have pointed out the seriousness of the issue.

Ben Butterworth said: “That’s an offence as your blocking the view of other drivers, he needs to pull over.”

Mark Madine added: “You can get charged with dangerous driving for this, and it can cost you your licence.”

Community centre manager Joanne today said “it was like following a bonfire.”

Joanne said: “I couldn’t see, and I had to slow down to around 20mph or less. It was obvious that they needed to stop but I’m assuming they probably didn’t want to pay recovery.

“I couldn’t even tell the make and model of car. Members of the public walking on the pavements were holding their noses. They drove through the town centre before turning off down a minor side road.

“It was like following a bonfire. I’ve seen a few exhausts smoking, but never nothing like this. My car and I didn’t smell pleasant at all.

Joanne said she was stuck behind the smoking car for around two minutes.

Joanne said it was like “following a bonfire.”

She added: “I drove from the town centre to my partner’s. So about two minutes. I pulled out of the supermarket and was then stuck behind it. Nothing surprises me anymore on the roads.”