Retailer trolled over £50 bikini that’s for “poolside posing only” because dyes run in water


A FASHION retailer is being trolled over a £50 bikini which can’t come into contact with water because it’s for “poolside posing only.”

A customer discovered that the dye in the bikini from Pretty Little Thing “runs everywhere” when it’s placed in water.

Close examination of the online retailer’s website confirms that the “teal triangle sequin tassel” is strictly for “posing” and not for swimming.

The customer, known only as Alisha, took pictures of the bottom half of the set in a sink, clearly showing how the dye had ran from the garment.

She captioned her post: “Be cautious when buying SWIMwear from @OfficialPLT [Pretty Little Thing] this summer because it’s only for “poolside posing” and they’ll still charge you £60 a set, absolutely laughable.”

The bikini is only suitable for pool side posing

The pictures show how Alisha messaged Pretty Little Thing saying: “I love the bikini, I just don’t know how to stop the dye from running everywhere when it’s in water, just doesn’t seem normal to me.”

She was stunned by the response telling her not to wear the bikini in water.

Pretty Little Thing worker ‘Hakim’ replied: “Great to hear that you love the bikini, but on the website it does say that the set shouldn’t be worn in water and colour may transfer.”

Alisha said: “I’ve spoken to about 5 people and all they’ve offered is a discount code so they’ve passed it on to complaints because I do not think “poolside posing” is sufficient when disclosing that this item is not water safe.”

Her post has also racked up more than 16,000 retweets with hundreds taking to the comments to share Alisha’s frustration.

@itsnotsimma said: “Pool side posing. Lmao, so they’re making swimwear strictly for Instagram models now?”

@n00rvana commented: “LOL at these pathetic quality brands.

“Because they’re generally cheap, affordable, accessible they make loads of sales and use that money for marketing, promotion etc instead of (rather than as well as) improving quality and devoting the brand on a creative and environmental level.”

Alisha discovered the dye runs everywhere once placed in water

@rickaeya said: “Pretty Little Thing scamming people as per.”

@evandrra commented: “What even is poolside posing!? Stop.”

@irieniels said: “Even if it’s for “poolside posing” how are you supposed to be able to wash it? That’s crazy!.”

@Samanthaevz commented: “That’s so bad wtf.”

@Olviaandrewx said: “Primark would never lol.”

Later on last night, Alisha posted an update where someone from Pretty Little Thing have offered her a full refund plus 40% off her next purchase.

Speaking today, 22-year-old student Alisha explained her reaction to finding the bikni online.

She said: “To be honest I thought it was quite funny that the blue dye was just running.

“Quite shocking really they have a bikini that you can’t go swimming in, it’s quite ironic.”