Labradoodle owner posts pictures of horrific mauling suffered after attack by Akita


HORRIFIC photos show the damage caused by an Akita to a Labradoodle which it attacked and shook like a ‘ragdoll.’

The owner of the Akita was forced to wrestle their dog into a bunch of nettles as the attack left gaping puncture wounds on seven-year-old Honey’s back.

Honey’s owner, Andrew Smith, 45, watched on in horror as he tried to distract the mauling Akita with a plastic lead in desperation.

Honey was rushed to the vets where she had surgery and is now recovering from the terrifying ordeal.

Honey suffered puncture wounds on her back after the vicious attack. Image: Andrew Smith

The incident happened on May 20 at around 7:30pm as Andrew was taking Honey for a walk in Anderton Park outside his home in Buckshaw Village, Lancashire.

Andrew posted a photo of Honey post surgery to raise awareness of potential dog walkers of the dangerous Akita.

Andrew posted on Saturday: “Honey, my Labradoodle, was savaged by an Akita Type dog on Monday night on Anderton park, Buckshaw Village. The dog in question was white and tan, wearing a black and red harness.

“The dog was being walked by a lady around 30 years old, about 5ft 6” tall with long brown hair, dressed in black whom I am keen to discuss the incident with.

Honey was taken to the vet shortly after and received surgery. Image: Andrew Smith

“Both dogs were on leads at the time of the attack which happened outside a busy kids play park.

“If it wasn’t for the brave actions of the owner Honey would have been killed. Thankfully she is making a good recovery.”

The shocking photos show Honey with red puncture wounds where the Akita sunk its teeth into her back.

Tubes can also be seen sticking out of Honey’s back in order to drain any excess fluid.

Staples have been used to stitch up the wounds left by her attacker.

Heather Simpson responded: “The Akita should be muzzled at all times, the police alerting, obviously a dangerous dog whose owner needs to take full responsibility for.

“I hope your dog makes a full recovery and is not too scarred psychologically from this horrendous attack.”

Tommy Harrison added: “Could have been a child. Absolutely disgusting this happened to your dog, but this dog and owner need seriously speaking to. That’s absolutely savage! Wishing a speedy recovery your dog pal.”

Lesley Kirkham wrote: “So sorry for your poor dog. I can believe that this happened on the lead.

Andrew posted on Facebook to warn other dog walkers in the area. Image: Andrew Smith

“Surely the owner should have had it muzzled and crossed over the road if she knew it was vicious. Very traumatic and very worrying for other dog walkers.”

Production Manager Andrew today said that the Akita shook Honey like a ragdoll.

He said: “I was walking Honey along the path and the Akita was walking in the opposite direction. Both dogs stopped and sniffed each other as dogs do, and that’s when it went into attack mode.

“The dog knocked me to the floor and pulled the lead out of the woman’s hand. She bit her on the back and lifted her up and started shaking her like a ragdoll.”

Father of two Andrew explained his helplessness in the situation.

Andrew added: “It was a primeval feeling of total helplessness. If I was to intervene could have easily turned on me. It was awful.

“I started throwing my plastic lead on the ground in hope, in desperation that it would distract it.

Andrew believes Honey could have died if the attack lasted longer than it did. image Andrew Smith

“The lady then grabbed her dog and wrestled it into a bunch of needles. At which point we ran back to the house.”

Andrew hopes this incident will raise awareness to other dog walkers in the area.

He continued: “I posted the photo on Facebook because I wanted to raise awareness in the area for other dog walkers that there is an Akita that could go into attack mode.

“I want the authorities to do their job in line with dangerous dog testing. As it needs to be assessed.

“Honey is still recovering, but fortunately the puncture wounds were just skin separations from the muscle. If the attack had lasted any longer the Akita would have killed Honey.”

This attack comes after a mother and her two-year-old daughter were savaged by an Akita in Dalrymple, Ayrshire last month.

The toddler was airlifted to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

Akitas are not listed by the UK governement as illegal under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991. However, in Ireland an Akita by law must be on a lead at all times in public and wear a muzzle.

Akitas are know to be particularly hostile towards other dogs.