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What is it like to live like an Expat in Dubai?


Living a new life in Dubai as an expat could be among the most exciting experiences you could ever get. However, just like moving to any new country, the process can be daunting, especially if you don’t know a thing or two about the city.

That said, let’s take a look at the following things you can expect when you start your life as an expat in Dubai:

1. There are tons of fantastic and diverse social activities

A lot of Dubai expats enjoy themselves in private hotels or beach clubs upon their arrival in the city. For others, they prefer to spend their time (and money) in various sports clubs which are closely concentrated within the area.

2. It’s not all about tall and shiny buildings

It can’t be denied that Dubai is home to tons of high-rise buildings and infrastructures such as the Burj Khalifa. The city is also filled with top-class off plan property in Dubai such as the District One Residences in Dubai and other properties offered by the top real estate brokers in Dubai.

However, the city’s also rich in culture, history, and tradition. You can start by wandering through the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood which is located by Dubai Creek, where the Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour is set to complete by 2021.

Alternatively, you can take part in camel races which are held at the Al Mamoun track.

3. You can make friends with people of different cultures

One of the things that make Dubai an excellent place for expats to live in is the fact that 80% of its population is made of expats. This simply means that you can have the opportunity to meet people of different cultures from all around the world.

During your stay, it definitely pays to be open-minded, as racism is highly frowned upon in this city, and it’s pretty common for people of different nationalities and culture hanging around with each other.

4. Ladies enjoy a high level of respect

If you’re a woman who chooses to live in Dubai, then you’ll expect a ton of amazing things it has to offer. Generally, women are considered the backbone of the UAE society. Therefore, they enjoy a very high level of respect which might even surpass that of the respect they get back home.

Additionally, every Tuesday in Dubai is ladies’ night, which means ladies can enjoy a lot of privileges such as huge discounts on food and other stuff.

Living the expat life in Dubai is never boring. There are tons of activities you can do, plenty of amenities you can enjoy, and it’s really diverse economy and culture sure is a welcome change.