Give the dog an iBone: Smartphone seller stunned to be offered part exchange – for a pet pooch


A WOMAN trying to sell her iPhone online was stunned to be offered a part exchange – of a pet dog.

Leona Aspin was hoping to get around £200 for her iPhone 7 Plus.

So the 19-year-old was stunned when a potential buyer offered to part with her pooch instead.

Leona, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was contacted earlier this week by a woman called Pamela who set up a Facebook Messenger group specifically for the deal.

She created the group with her first name followed by ‘iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold. 32 GB.’

The conversation begins with Pamela saying: “Swap for dog”.

This is accompanied by a picture of a very cute-looking canine – possibly a terrier cross – which has a completely white body apart from a black left ear.

Pamela offered to swap her dog for Leona’s phone

An amazed Leona responed: “What?”

Sharing the screenshot of their short conversation to Twitter she wrote later that day: “Has this woman seriously just offered me her dog in exchange for a phone?

“What the f***.”

Among thos to respond was @LewisTMartin, who wrote under Leona’s post: “Hahahaha wow made my night this. Take the deal. It would be the best exchange of 2019 and we ain’t even half way through the year.”

@Blayre101 wrote: “Hahah f*** sake”

@HazelClay 1 said: “I once got offered a dog in exchange for a car I was selling. The dog, according to the prospective buyer, was a ‘jermanshepherd’ with all her papers.”

@vecxre added: “If she’s willing to go that low for a trade then obv she doesn’t love him. I’d take that dog in a heartbeat, just look at him.”

@SJCx_ posted: “Wtf. Some right weirdos around. Poor dog clearly not loved at all.”

The dog was used as a bargaining chip for the expensive phone

The post actually sparked concern from some animal lovers who tagged the RSPCA into the tweet.

@izziebxo said: “It’s actually concerning how she’s willing to swap a dog for a phone, surely the RSPCA need to be made aware of this woman? God knows what she’s doing to the poor thing.”

Leona said today: “I messaged her again asking if she was serious and she didn’t reply.”