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NewsHorrifying moment masked robbers spray shopkeeper with CS outside his home and...

Horrifying moment masked robbers spray shopkeeper with CS outside his home and grab £12k in takings

SHOCKING video shows two masked robbers almost blind a man by ambushing him outside his home with CS spray before stealing £12,000 in cash.

Shopkeeper Shiraz Khan is blasted in the face with the spray by the attackers who targeted him for the briefcase full of the week’s takings he was carrying.

Fearing he is about to die, Shiraz bravely fights back against the thugs by trying to swing a plastic bag of shopping at them.

But he and his son, both temporarily blinded by the spray, are forced to back down and hand over the briefcase.

The disturbing incident, which left Shiraz in agony for 24 hours, happened in the Leeds suburb of Alwoodley on Saturday evening.

Shiraz posted the CCTV footage to Facebook on Sunday with the caption: “Armed robbery – attacked seconds after leaving my car to enter house in broad daylight.”

He added: “Two Asian males aged between 17-20. At first I thought it was a prank. Tried to fight [them] off but continuous spraying of CS gas had me in agony for at least 24 hours!

Shiraz was ambushed by two thugs armed with CS Spray. Image: Shiraz Khan

“Doctors say I’m lucky there is no damage to eyesight, thank god. If anyone knows any names or anything please let me know. The cash is gone but an arrest would give me some satisfaction after all I’ve been through.”

The video shows Shiraz approaching his house carrying a shopping bag when a masked man walks behind him and points spray at him.

Suddenly two men start spraying Shiraz in the face as he tries to fend them off by swinging his shopping bag, which tears and spills its contents.

Shiraz’s son watches on from inside the house whilst holding the briefcase of money as his father continues to try to fend off the attackers.

Worried the situation might escalate Shiraz’s son gives the masked attackers the briefcase of money before the video ends.

Shiraz also posted a photo of the damage the CS spray did to his eyes.

Robert Sparks responded online: “Oh Shiraz! How awful! Get well soon and don’t let them stop living your normal life. I was attacked at knifepoint a few years ago and was left with a broken nose. I hope they are recognised and brought to justice.”

The thugs targeted the £12,000 inside Shiraz’s Briefcase. Image: Shiraz Khan

Banares Rasul added: “Sorry to hear this bro you are a good man. I hope they catch the scumbags.”

Osmaan Rashid wrote: “So sorry to hear this. If you find out any information of these kids feel free to share. I would be really interested in how the parents feel once they have been dealt with. Stay safe my bro.”

Tony Nnaemeka Onyia said: “This really made me sad. Glad that you are ok and hope the criminals are caught and put away.”

Shiraz today said that he thought he was going to die.

Shiraz said: “I left work and came home with cash in a briefcase. I Had some shopping with me too and took it out of the car, my son was with me.

“He went inside the house and as I was about to enter I saw them approaching and at first thought was a prank, but they sprayed me non stop.

“You’ve seen the video. My son was scared they would attack further and enter the house so he gave them the briefcase with the cash. I was in a lot of pain for at least 24 hours. I’ve just about recovered. I thought I was going to die at the time.”

He added: “The briefcase is a daily thing, usually I have documents in it. That day was Saturday and I couldn’t do banking so put it in the briefcase – £12,000 was stolen.

Shiraz was attacked with CS spray, a man made substance that was commonly used by police to as a crowd control measure.

It is not permitted for a member of the public to carry CS spray which is classed as a section five weapon.

Shiraz was told that he was lucky not to be blinded. Image: Shiraz Khan

West Yorskhire Police have confiemed that they have arrested a man following the incident.

A spokeswoman from the police said: “Police were contacted at about 7pm on Saturday May 18 to a report a man had been assaulted in a robbery at an address in Alwoodley, Leeds.

“The victim was sprayed with a substance in the incident in which masked suspects stole a quantity of cash before making off.

“A 23-year-old man has been arrested and release under investigation in connection with the offence and enquiries remain ongoing by Leeds District CID.”

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