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Role Played By Online Betting Industry In Sports Sponsorship


Sports have evolved greatly over time. While some changes were noticeable, a lot happened behind the curtains as well.

Almost every sport we follow today have roots sowed in the past. However, if you look at what these sports used to be and what they are now, you will find that there have been massive changes, starting from the design and features of the sporting arena, to rules, to the products being used.

What you will not see is how the sporting industry has grown financially. Even the least followed sporting event is a money earner for some.

And quite understandably, with that came the question of sponsors.

Whether you like it or not, fact is, the Online Casinos industry especially the online betting industry is among the most heavily invested in various sports, notes Preview Casinos – A leading Online Casinos review company.

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Sports Sponsorships And Online Betting

In recent years there have been a major surge in the number of betting industry players investing in various sports.

The UK sporting industry has received huge amount of money as sponsorship from the betting industry.

Anyone who follows any sports must have come across the logos of various gambling and betting games on the jerseys of various clubs.

And, why wouldn’t they? After all, every club and sport needs money, and the betting industry has pretty enough.

Moreover, it is a win-win situation since the betting industry can directly reach out to those who are interested in sports of different kind, rather than trying to target the desired audience.

As per Nielsen, there has been substantial rise in the sponsorship amount invested by the betting companies on various sports.

In UK alone the figure rose from GBP 81.2 Mn in 2012 to GBP 118.5 Mn in 2015, registering a staggering 46% increase over a span of 3 years. Now, that’s a lot of money!

The UK sporting industry has received huge amount of money as sponsorship from the betting industry.

Sports Wagering Generates Tsunami Of Money

One of the major activities which is taking the betting industry ahead is that of sports wagering.

Sports wagering has been there since decades, however, with these registered betting companies getting into the game, sports wagering has suddenly turned pretty mainstream.

We have different formats of wagering, from creating dream teams, to predicting the results of an ongoing game.

And, there are people who have never been in the world of betting, who are becoming interested and getting involved.

The amount of money is simply obscenely high, and betting organizations are making a fortune out of it.

Is It Good Or Bad For The Industry?

So, here we are, facing the most important question. Using online betting industry money for sports is good or bad?

We have a bad notion about betting in the society. Hence, there comes the question of morality.

However, considering that the betting industry is simply using the sports as a medium of advertisement, and paying for that, it cannot be said to have complete negative effect.

Though, the increase in the number of young men getting involved in betting and wagering, might be seen as a negative impact.

How Does It Impact Sports?

Sports have transformed a lot over time. The involvement of betting industry will bring around some changes for sure.

It is probably going to be more about creating the perfect entertainment package in the long run.

However, no one can dispute the positive effects this has, since, the money actually brings forth better opportunities for those involved with the various sports.

Money is necessary, and so are sponsors. If online betting industry can provide the sponsorship without compromising the ethics of the game, then that is a change worth welcoming.