“D*** of the week award” Road rage driver almost collides to get one car length further down road


BIZARRE video shows a road rage motorist almost cause a collision – so he can get one car length ahead in a traffic jam.

The impatient driver swings into the path of another car as he tries to jump the queue at a roundabout.

But the Vauxhall Astra driver’s risky manoeuvre lets him jump just one car before he leans out to yell and gesticulate at the motorist who filmed the incident.

The pointless overtake happened on Wednesday at Vicar Cross Roundabout in Chester and was captured by Samuel McGarrigle from Crewe, Cheshire.

He posted the footage to Facebook shortly after saying: “D*** of the Week Award.”

The video shows Samuel, 29, waiting at a set of traffic lights on the roundabout before taking the exit on his left.

However, the man in the silver Astra had other ideas and cut across Samuel before he took the exit. Samuel blasted his horn at the driver and his partner can be heard saying “f hell” shortly after.

The Astra then tried to indicate right in order to get a space in the queue, and jumped just one space in front of him for his efforts.

The footage shows the impatient driver skipping one car

The driver then proceeded to stick his head out of the window and start hurling abuse at Samuel and his partner.

The 27-year-old partner who has wished not to be named then says: “What have you done, you!” towards the angry driver who is now holding up the traffic behind him, and effectively defeating the purpose of trying to jump ahead in the queue.

The video has delighted many in the comments who see the Astra driver as an idiot.

Graham King said: “Why do people that seem to be in a rush always have time to stop and shout abuse?”

Viewers were unsure what the driver was trying to achieve

Carl Wilkson Norman added: “Thought it would be the c*** in the Astra van. They all appear to be.”

Chris White wrote: “Van was a d***head for what? To get one vehicle ahead? Moron. Camera car did nothing wrong apart from being slightly over dramatic on the brakes.”

Samuel today revealed what the angry driver said to him.

Samuel said: “The Astra van was seemingly frustrated with the car in front, and pulled out without indicating or checking the mirrors, and pulling out in front of me as I approached.

Samuel said the driver was violent towards him

“I didn’t hear a great deal of what the man said, but it was filled with expletives and at one point said something along the lines of ‘bring it on, bring it to me’ suggesting he wanted to aggravate the matter further to violence.”

Samuel found the fact that the driver stopped to have a rant completely defeated the point of him overtaking one car.

He continued: “The traffic was tailed back for miles, jumping one car wasn’t going to make a difference to him.

“He did later run a red light further down the road. The fact he stopped his car after I’d used my horn to shout abuse meant it was probably longer than if he would have just sat in traffic.”