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“Here Is How Technology Is Transforming Football”


We all know that football has been around for many centuries now, and it is a game with the greatest number of fans worldwide. Football has a very though set of rules and regulations for both the players and the clubs to maintain a fair environment in the game. Every player must abide by these rules to avoid any type punishment.

Because this is the era of technological revolution, many new innovations and advances have allowed the FIFA and the football clubs to train, maintain and nurture the players in a fair environment, also some other inventions have made their way into the matches, and they help the referees in making a final decision in any given situation. Here are some of the best tech that has completely transformed football.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

1.  Player Training:

Let’s start off by talking about player training in football. Clubs hunt for local talents in their areas and then invest a lot of time and money on them. Thankfully, many advanced things like AI based machines and other training methods can now be used to detect any flaw in the player’s game. This has help reduce the chance of a chronic injury over time.

2. Hawk-Eye:

The invention of hawk-eye was one of the major turning points in the history of football. Hawk-eye is a FIFA approved technology that traces the ball and lets the referee know if the ball completely crossed the goal line or not. This makes the decision easy and acceptable for both the teams, because technology is neutral.

3. Highlights:

This might look like an odd one, but inclusion of quick football highlights of every match allows the bust people to watch all the key moments in a match and not worry about missing out on the important plays. Sites/ platforms like NowGoal are one of the best ways to watch the highlights of all the important football matches on the go. This feature is especially helpful if the matches are being broadcasted too late at night or you don’t have the spare time to watch a full football match.

4. Smart Balls:

Smart balls technology is still under development. Smart footballs have a microchip embedded in them which can prove to be helpful especially for the coaches who need to regularly collect the important data about the hitting spot, power and the trajectory of the football. But right now, many of the balls used in the matches are only used to display the product information etc.

5. Wearable Tech:

Wearable tech is also becoming more popular in the top football coaching and clubs to collect some important data about the player like his action, kicking style and nerve control during though situations. All this wearable technology is currently being used to track a player’s possible flaws and treat the through effective coaching techniques.

This is how technology is helping football become safer and more accurate than ever. The tech is making keeping up with the matches easy for us.