Internet sensation who revealed how to batch cook in hour to perform at Royal Highland Show


A mother who became an internet sensation after showing her tips and tricks to batch cook in an hour will be perform live at the Royal Highland Show.

Suzanne Mulholland, 43, from Selkirk, Edinburgh was dubbed the by her 60,000 followers as ‘The Batch Lady’.

She will be cooking and giving out her tricks and techniques from the famous cookery theatre at the Ingliston Royal Highland Show on June 21 and 22.

The super mums meals including, fajitas, spaghetti bolognese, meatballs, burger and chilli from the frozen food she buys from the supermarket.

The mother-of-two lives with her husband Peter and children Jake, 12 , and Zara, 10, in Ettrickbridge admitted her remote location forced her to batch cooking frozen foods, due to how long it took to get a pint of milk from the nearest shop.

She saves time by using similar ingredients and just one spoon to save on washing up.

Suzanne Mulholland became a internet sensation after showing how to cook for forty people in an hour

Suzanne will take audience members on a journey to help them save time, money and even help them lower their stress levels.

Last week, she signed a book deal with Harper Collins to reveal more in-depth nuggets of advice for all cooks.

Admired for the simplicity of her recipes, her ease in front of an audience and for helping to lower the kitchen stress levels of busy people, Suzanne’s invaluable tips are loved by thousands – soon to be millions!

Speaking today Suzanne said: “Life is a constant juggle and as well as working hard and taking care of a busy household.

“We are all frequently being told that we need to take more time out for ourselves in order to reduce stress, retain a sense of personal identity, restore balance and have enough energy left for the more enjoyable things in life.

“I can help you to achieve this elusive balance. When we end up not being organised and grabbing supper from the corner shop at the last minute.

“We spend more money and generally eat less healthily, thus compounding the stress effect.

“My batch recipes, videos and demonstrations are all about reducing hassle, giving people some valuable time back, unburdening their mental load, helping to save them money and, let’s never forget, giving them healthy and wholesome recipe ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

“I aim to show a new up to date way of easy planning and cooking so that all this previous effort and stress could instead be put into a simple one hour on a weekend, creating six prepped meals, with no food waste and minimal time spent cooking.

“Come and watch me in Scotland’s Live Cookery Theatre at The Royal Highland Show in June and allow me to help simplify your life.”

“If you can’t make it, follow me on social media instead, I’m easy to find!”

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