Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Bizarre moment “disgusting” Amazon delivery man steals plates from home of dementia patient, aged 84

AN Amazon delivery driver has been caught on camera stealing plates from outside the home of a woman suffering from dementia.

The 84-year-old lives on her own and receives meals from her family. Her carer cleans the plates and leaves them on the doorstep for the family to collect.

On April 8, the family were baffled to find the plates missing. But a check of the door security video at the home in Dungeness, Kent, quickly solved the mystery.

Video shows the delivery man carry a small package to the door after which he stoops and is clearly seen walking away with plates.

The plates belong to the woman’s daughter-in-law, 25-year-old Jade Parker, who shared the footage to social media on Sunday.

She wrote: “When Amazon delivery driver nicks your plates from your mother-in-law who has dementia. Disgusting.”

The short clip begins with a man in a hoodie and baseball hat walking with a white parcel with a blue stripe down it towards the door.

A woman in the clip can be heard saying: “Ah my Amazon deliverer.”

A check of the security video quickly solved the mystery of the missing plates

Another voice can be heard saying: “Oh wait. No – he picks the plates up. It was him. It was your Amazon driver.”

The man delivers the parcel but remains bent down on the ground trying to do something before suddenly picking up a set of plates and walking off.

A man can be heard on the recording saying: “It is. It f****** is and now he’s knicked them. What a c***.”

Speaking today, Jade said: “The plates were just outside as I do her dinners. The carer dropped them off outside in the morning. He dropped the parcel at about half one and nicked them. God knows why.

25-year-old Jade Parker shared the footage to social media

“They weren’t valuable, just my dinner plates. But that night we didn’t have none to eat off. We had to get a takeaway and eat it out of the box.

“I had to buy new plates. And it’s my mother-in-law. She is 84, which is shocking.”

An Amazon insider confirmed they were in talks with the delivery company.

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