Thursday, May 19, 2022
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“Who said romance is dead” Footage of man pulling woman’s mobility scooter on rope goes viral

BIZARRE footage of a woman on a mobility scooter getting pulled along by a man holding a rope has gone viral.

One user commented: “Who said romance was dead?”

The short clips shows a man with a rope around his waist pulling a woman along in her mobility scooter who is using her right foot to pedal it forward.

The couple were captured strolling through the Arena shopping park in Coventry on June 8.

Mahdiya Ahmed, from Coventry, filmed the heroic male in wellies helping the woman in her mobility scooter before she subsequently uploaded it to Twitter later that day.

It was captioned: “Only in Coventry.”

The 20-year-old’s clip has been seen by over 250,000 people with over 10,000 people liking the video and nearly 4,000 people sharing it.

The clip begins with Mahdiya sitting down just filming an empty road but suddenly a man in a blue hoodie walks into the frame.

The man has a rope around him his waist and is tied to the handles of the mobility scooter whilst he pulls the woman along in his wellies.

Man pulls woman on mobility scooter with a rope
Mahdiya, who filmed the clip, said the pair continued on their journey after she filmed them

Suddenly a woman sitting in the mobility scooter slowly appears behind the man and can be seen using her right foot to help move the vehicle forward as he pulls it.

@Tanveer_Arayan responded: “Who said romance was dead?”

@CallumWright__ wrote: “If someone ever loves you this much. You’ve done well.”

@Chxmpion_ added: “Bless them. They’re actually helping each other move forward”

@Jay_repoza posted: “When AA isn’t answering.”

@blathers67 said: “It’s a long way to Birmingham in one of those.”

Speaking today Mahdiya said: “I’m not too sure what happened next, they just went on their way. I guess it’s the same as most people who saw the video, it was entertaining to say the least.”

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