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NewsAmazon investigate mound of empty boxes left by "rogue driver who pilfered...

Amazon investigate mound of empty boxes left by “rogue driver who pilfered contents”

AMAZON have launched an investigation after shocking pictures emerged which it is claimed show a consignment of packages ransacked by a rogue driver.

An estimated 20 empty and torn packages – all with different addresses – were dumped by the roadside.

The packages were discovered on Thursday near a conference centre car park in Walsall, West Midlands.

The passer-by who discovered the boxes, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes they could only have ended up there as a result of pilfering by an Amazon driver.

The man who found the pile suspects it was an Amazon driver. Image: Anonymous

He posted the pictures to Facebook writing: “Big up to the Amazon delivery driver who has stolen these parcels and dumped them on Fishley Ln, Pelsall, Walsall.

“ someone isn’t getting their order.”

The pictures show Amazon boxes of various sizes scattered about a muddy area. They appear to be empty apart from the brown paper used in the packaging.

Crucially, the boxes have different addresses on the labels but all of them in the West Midlands area.

The parcels appear to have been emptied by the suspected Amazon driver. Image: Anonymous

The man who found the parcels said today (tue): “All the addresses were different so I thought that made me think it was the driver that opened them.

“I tried to call Amazon and it’s impossible to speak to someone so I decided to post the pictures on Facebook and tag them.”

One viewer of the pictures responded: “Shocking! Report them to Amazon.”

Another said: “Bloody hell!”

Another wrote: “That is so bad. Apart from stealing the stuff, they left all the mess and evidence. Hope the people responsible get caught. Feel sorry for the customers too.”

Another viewer challenged the theory that an Amazon driver was responsible, asking: “Why are you saying it was the delivery driver? His van may have been stolen.”

The posted the photos on Facebook to warn people in his area. Image: Anonymous

Another said: “If they are empty then maybe someone has just dumped the empty boxes there.”

However, many agreed that this was unlikely due to the number of different addresses.

An Amazon Spokesman said: “We have very high standards for our delivery partners and how they serve customers. We are investigating the incident.”

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