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How to Make Sure Your Child Will Be Happy at ‘Big School’

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One of the key ways to ensure your child has continued happiness at school is by preparing them at home. What they bring to the classroom is as important as what they are taught at school.

Your child’s potential can be developed and sustained with a positive attitude, and by setting a good example on how to engage with learning, you can help to improve their performance at school for the better.  

Make Learning into a Love

If your child believes that learning is a chore and tedious, whether influenced by peers, family, or previous experience, it won’t stand them in good stead. If those they love and trust have a negative attitude toward learning, then it’s not hard to imagine that they too would have a negative attitude towards it.

It’s a proven fact that a good mood makes you smarter, as you are willing to be engaged and creative with a true drive to persist even when things get tricky. Aim to ensure all talk of learning and school is positive, which can brush off on your child and make them keen to learn as they start at a new school.

Follow Their Passion

If your child shows an interest in a subject or activity at school, then it is important to make sure that they are encouraged to excel at that under their own steam as opposed to feeling forced.

Too many subjects and balancing too much work can lead to burnout across the board. Therefore rather than trying to engage your child in multiple subjects at all times, focus on their strengths. Through encouragement and a focus on learning within a subject field they are competent with and enjoy, there is more chance for success and happiness for the child.

Support Them

Planning ahead and making sure your children are happy at a school before they even start is a great way to begin with a positive foundation. For example, if you know your child would be more suited to, and feel happier and excel at grammar school, then this route might be for you. If so, you can help them with tuition of the 11+ exam through agencies. Similarly these agencies can provide mock tests so your child is familiar with the format and layout of an exam paper and what will be expected of them on the day. You can reach out today and contact agencies such as Marie Redmond Tuition.

Make sure that support is then continued through tutor support and student support services, so your child doesn’t feel isolated. It can ensure they don’t feel swamped and out of their depth with any aspect of school life.

School can have a dramatic effect on a student’s happiness, so bear this in mind so you can prepare your child for big school in the best way possible. Be sure to not make it daunting for them, but rather be supportive and there for them when they need you. It is important to remember to be a positive role model, especially where education is concerned. By doing your bit to support them throughout their own academic life, you will be doing all you can to make sure their time at big school is a happy, well-rounded one.

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