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Cruise Like a Celebrity: How to Feel Like a VIP on Your Next Cruise


Everybody loves a cruise vacation.

No matter which company you sail with, the cruise ship itself usually screams luxury, pleasure, and relaxation. Feelings of luxury are a standard part of the cruising experience.

However, if the standard luxurious cruise experience isn’t quite good enough for you, here are a few little tips on how to access premium benefits and feel like a true VIP on your next cruise.

Book a Veranda Stateroom

One of the easiest ways to feel like a VIP on your next cruise vacation is to book a veranda stateroom. You’ll have your own private balcony looking out over the glorious ocean itself.

Imagine waking up in the morning, stretching your arms, and opening up your cabin door to look out upon the sun rising over the ocean. Order in some room service for breakfast, and enjoy your morning coffee with that VIP view.

Or, step out on your oceanside veranda and sip a glass of wine as the sun sets.

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Stay in a Higher Class Stateroom

There’s no need to stop at just the balcony stateroom! Many cruise lines offer higher-class options on their ships, known as a “ship-within-a-ship.”

No, “ship-within-a-ship” doesn’t mean that there’s literally another vessel hiding on the ship. This term just refers to the high-end, premium experiences that are available to higher-paying guests on standard cruise ships, such as private lounge areas, exclusive pools and spas, and more.

For example, the Suite Class on Celebrity Cruises gives guests access to an entire exclusive gourmet restaurant!

Sign up for a Wine Tasting

Nothing shouts “luxury vacation” more than a classy wine tasting experience. Many cruise lines offer some kind of wine tasting class or event on board their ships. Take advantage of the opportunity to swish some wine around in your glass, stick your pinky up, and sip daintily on high-end wines from around the world!

If wine’s not your thing, you might be able to find a whisky tasting on board, or sip some craft beers.

Attend an Exclusive Event Like a Private Dance Party

It’s a good idea to keep an ear to the deck, so to speak, in order to hear the latest news about exclusive events on board. VIP cruises often offer exclusive, limited-access dance parties on board. Attending one of these is a great way to make your

Sometimes they are related to some kind of fun theme, like “silent” dance parties where everyone puts on headphones to listen to the music (rather than playing it throughout the room). Take advantage of these unique experiences!

Go Somewhere Extra-Special on Your Next Cruise

Sometimes, location makes all the difference when you’re going on a cruise. If you really want to feel like you’re in the lap of luxury, take a look at all of the unforgettable Greek island cruises offered by Celebrity Cruise lines. The cruise ship itself will be a fantastic experience, but you’ll also encounter the magic of Greece once your ship docks.

Enjoy Yourself!

Now that you’re all ready to sail in style, the most important thing to remember is: enjoy yourself on your next cruise!