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Tailor Made Luxury Holidays In France With Luxury Villas


ChicVillas, a France based real estate agency, is a specialist in top-notch holiday cottages, luxury villas, and chateaux. The boutique agency offered personalized holiday properties in France and Spain and was started in 2008 by Alain Le Calvez.

A holiday is all that we need to get our spirits up again. These trips make it possible for us to spend some quality time with our family and friends whom we tend to ignore due to our hectic lives.

ChicVillas offers the best prices for the rental properties for your planned vacations. Giving due credit where needed, as much as the time we invest in researching the location we visit, the place we decide to stay must also be equally good to make the holiday worth it.

With facilities like personalized and unbiased suggestions and milestones like 55% client return rate, ChicVillas undoubtedly offer something that can add the right amount of sweetness to your vacation and must be explored.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

A trip to France has so much to offer. Each corner of France is well known for its unique characteristics. For outdoor lovers, the French chateau for rent are the best, the sun-kissed and unhurried-paced Provence has its charm, the mesmerizing Côte d’Azur shoreline, and Alsace offers picturesque hamlets housed in vine-covered hills.

If you are visiting France for the first time, Paris and Versailles are a must visit. Paris is well known for its architectural wonders: the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The rich heritage is exhibited in the Louvre – top museums in Paris. One must take a train from Paris to Versailles to view the most impressive palaces that the country offers.

Tailor-made trips for a better experience

ChicVillas are here to offer their exceptional expertise and connections to get you the perfect hotel, villa, cottage, etc. all in one place. They provide high-end services and have become popular because of sheer hard work and positive customer reviews.

ChicVillas specialize in all kinds of rental properties and can make a vacation memorable. Their services are available in all parts of France and Spain. Even their website is a visual treat. You can search among hundreds of options from the beautiful beachfront holiday villas to Vacation Chateau under the same portal. But, first, let us understand why a vacation in France and Spain is the best for you.

Why vacation in France and Spain?

Enjoying the time that we get for our holidays is very important. As we do not get many leaves throughout the year, we need to make the best out of the period that we get to spend with our friends and family. This is why choosing the perfect location to spend some quality time is very important. Though, it is hard to choose the right place to enjoy the vacation. But, France and Spain are two such countries that can not only offer you the most vibrant culture in the entire world but also you will be able to enjoy various atmospheric conditions in different regions of the same country.

So, no matter if you are a snow-covered mountain lover or a beach person, these countries can offer you just the perfect place to enjoy your holidays. Now, the next thing which is of the importance is the choice of property that you will be renting. The reason behind this is that location of a hotel or villa plays a significant role in the overall satisfaction that you will get from the trip.

Who are ChicVillas?

As mentioned earlier, ChicVillas is a personalized boutique agency who is in the run since 2008. They specialize in all medium sized real estate rental property. When they started, they were located in Brittany, and now they offer services throughout entire France, covering the whole coast of Atlantic, Southwest, Loire valet, and also have recently added the Mediterranean coastal region of Spain in their terms of services.

Why is it a great choice to avail their services?

ChicVillas are pretty popular as they have a high customer satisfaction rate. As per the statistics, we found out that at least 40 to 50 % of the customers prefer to continue planning vacations with them.

The goodwill of their company among their clientele is pretty astonishing. Also, another great thing about them is they offer the suggestions after a one to one conversation with the client. Thus, choosing the right villa or hotel becomes comfortable with them. As, despite pre-designed plans, they offer custom made personalized plans which can make your experience better manifold.