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News"He can sue the council" - footage shows cyclist being "wiped out"...

“He can sue the council” – footage shows cyclist being “wiped out” by pothole

SHOCKING video shows a cyclist being “wiped out” by a giant pothole after he mistook it for a puddle.

The cyclist was turning onto a smaller road when he went over the pothole and was knocked to the ground.

He told the driver who caught the footage, he was shaken up by the event and had a sore hip.

Mark Caldicott, 50, caught the incident on his dash cam whilst travelling home from where he works in Wantage, Oxford.

The incident took place yesterday evening on the A418 to Haddenham, Aylesbury. 

The clip shows the dash cam driver Mark Caldicott, 50, driving along the road in the rain.

A cyclist wearing a high-vis comes into view on his left hand side in front of the white van travelling in front of him.

The van then overtakes the cyclist and Mark is directly behind him, as Mark approaches the cyclist indicates to go left but as he turns the corner he is flipped sideways off his bike.

The cyclist was turning onto a smaller road when he went over the pothole.

He lands on his side, but then goes out of view as Mark passes him.

Talking to Mark after the event, the cyclist said his hip was sore, and despite being shaken up by the fall he was happy to continue on his journey.

He posted the clip to Facebook saying: “Cyclist comes a cropper on the way home tonight (date/time are wrong) – the puddle was actually a pothole which completely threw him off the bike. 

“I just had to go back and check on him.”

A cyclist wearing a high-vis comes into view on his left hand side.

Other Facebook users commented on the incident:

One said: “Hope he was OK”

Another wrote: “Poor bloke. Could have really hurt himself.”

One also suggested he sue the council: “I’m sure he can sue the council under a law for not maintaining the road for proper use or something like that, even if they said to the cycles did u not see the pothole.

One facebook user suggested that Mark should sue the council.

“It looked like a flipping puddle not a sinkhole, well done for checking that’s what I would of done too.”

Speaking about it today, Mark said: “The accident happened pretty much as you see it, on turning the corner, the poor chap thought it was just a big puddle, unfortunately it was a pothole filled with water.

“It completely wiped him out. 

“I went back to make sure he was ok.

Mark posted on facebook about the incident.

“He hurt his hip and I expect he would be a bit bruised this morning as he landed quite hard. Good job he had a cycle helmet on as well! 

“He didn’t say much, probably a bit shaken from the fall. 

“He was very grateful that I had stopped to make sure he was OK and thanked me, he said his hip was hurting, but was happy to continue his journey as he didn’t have far to go into Haddenham. We made sure his bike was OK and we parted.

In 2014 a cyclist who was thrown from his bike when it hit a pothole was awarded nearly £70,000 in damages.

Alan Curtis, 57, from Bushey in Hertfordshire, suffered a “severe head injury” in the crash in Rickmansworth, in 2009.

He sued Hertfordshire County Council for failing to fix the pothole, which he said was a “real source of danger”.

Earlier this year a cyclist shattered his face so badly when he hit a nine-inch deep pothole in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire that friends had to pick his teeth off the road. 

Simon Moss, 44, had to have metal plates put in his face after the deep pothole caused him to fly off his bicycle, breaking his jaw, cheek and nose.

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