“You are very lucky” Mum reveals she cheated death after metal shelf struck windscreen whilst driving


A TERRIFIED Mum said she was “shaking from head to toe” after a metal panel from an oncoming pickup shattered her windscreen whilst driving on a busy road.

Care assistant Laura Giles was struck by loose debris from the back of a black Mitsubishi Warrior which was driving in the opposite direction.

The other driver is believed to have been travelling at around 50mph when Laura was struck on Wednesday at around 6:30pm on a stretch of the A28 near Ashford, Kent.

The 39-year-old from Ashford posted dramatic photos on Facebook after the incident and said: “Thank you to the inconsiderate driver of a black Warrior or very similar that can’t secure a load or does rubbish runs that nearly took me off the road with the crap off your truck! 

Laura was struck by loose debris from the back of a Mitsubishi Warrior

“You didn’t even stop to see what you have done! Police have been called. If anyone saw anything and can help please do.

“I’m ok just very shook up! This happened about 6:30pm along chart road between Matalan on the A28.”

The photos show the extent of damage caused by the flying debris.

The windscreen is completely shattered with visible indents showing the point of impact by the metal shelf.

Pictures show the extent of the damage

The shelf covered the entirety of the driver’s side of the car making it even more remarkable Laura came out with no serious injuries.

Another photo shows damage to Laura’s car bumper, and one of the metal shelf which was around three feet in length.

Many of Laura’s friends were stunned by the damage and glad that she came out with her life.

Emma Wright said: “You are very lucky bless you!”

Laura told of her fury online

Toni Marie added: “Oh my god hun, could’ve been so much worse. So glad you’re ok.”

Kaeleigh McColgan wrote: “F****** hell Laura… glad you’re ok.”

Mum of one Laura today explained the incident was like a blur.

She said: “I was driving home from work and the black Warrior truck was coming towards me. Metal flew off the back across the road and smashed my windscreen. He or she never stopped.

“I didn’t have time to think it’s a very busy road and I didn’t see it coming until it was to late It hit car. I braked and started shaking from head to toe. 

Facebook users were shocked at Laura’s story

“People stopped to help me, they were in shock that the person never stopped. They moved debris off the road and helped calm me down. I was very shook up. It happened so fast, it’s a blur.”

Laura suffered a stiff back after the ordeal and has had to take time off work. She hopes the driver of the Warrior will be brought to justice.

“I just want the person found as they don’t care about other people’s safety and will do it again.”

Kent Police told local media they are investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: “The woman was not injured and inquiries are ongoing to establish further information.”

Kent Police have said they are currently investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: “Kent Police received a report that a vehicle was damaged in Chart Road, Ashford on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

“At around 6.20pm a woman reported to police that she had been driving her car when an object hit her windscreen causing it to smash.

“The woman was not injured and enquiries are ongoing to establish further information.”