Shocking footage shows Renault come within inches of head on crash after HGV overtake


DRAMATIC video captures the moment a reckless driver attempts to overtake a HGV and comes within inches of a nasty head on collision.

A silver Renault miraculously avoids making any impact with the oncoming dash cam driver after performing the dangerous manoeuvre on the A94 near Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

James White said he thought he was “going to die” as the small car was coming straight at him on June 4.

He uploaded the footage to social media on the same day and captioned the clip: “This was all my fault for driving on the correct side of the road.”

James can be seen driving along the road at 54 mph before he is met by the oncoming driver who completes the overtake with seconds to spare.

The silver Renault appears to overtake a cement mixer vehicle for several seconds at high speed as the dashcam car gets closer.

With just inches of room left to manoeuvre, the Renault driver manages to tuck back in front of the HGV just before any head on crash occurs with James’ vehicle.

The near miss occurred on June 4 on the single-carriageway road between Coupar Angus and Forfar.

James wanted to post the incident on Facebook to highlight how close the near miss was.

Viewers reacted by condemning the silver Renault for attempting the overtake with little time to complete it.

The silver Renault attempts to overtake the HGV with seconds to spare

Nadeem Walayat said: “The driver’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Jon Rogan-Josh wrote: “Not a nice sight is it.”

Ashley Whiteman commented: “Tucked in quick.”

However, James received criticism from viewers who felt his speed was too fast as he approached the overtaking Renault.

Paul Sierra Ford said: “Cam car at fault. Should have anticipated it.”

Daniel Hunnisett wrote: “Glad you didn’t have an accident, and the car overtaking was totally in the wrong, but when where you going to slow down?”

As James White approaches the incident at 54mph, the Renault narrowly avoids a collision

James Appleton said: “Can’t see the issue, driving too fast coming into a hazard. What would have happened to a cyclist in this situation?”

And Andrew Clements added: “You could have killed them.”

James explained in the comments of his post that he did brake ahead of the incident but he removed the audio from the footage because of his reaction.

He said: “I did brake but the GPS on the dashcam is slow to react. Should I have hit the pedal harder? Probably.

“It all happens in about two seconds from the time I realised that the vehicle has not pulled in yet. In the footage all I say is “f*** I am going to die” so I removed the sound.”

Earlier this year, a 68-year-old man died following a crash involving three cars on the same road in Perthshire.

The man passed away after his black Renault collided with a red Ford Transit and a black Volkswagen Polo near an A94 junction on February 15.