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News“Get him signed” stag filmed 'playing football' on Scottish pitch

“Get him signed” stag filmed ‘playing football’ on Scottish pitch

AMAZING footage shows a stag flaunting his football skills by dribbling a ball on a community pitch.

The clip shows the animal skillfully using its hoofs and head to move towards the goal with ease.

Footage of the animal has since gone viral with more than 75,000 views and social media users calling to “get him signed.”

The stag was spotted dribbling on a pitch in Lochinver, Sutherland on Friday.

Harbour master Joseph MacKay couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the animal dribbling through a community football pitch.

He was doing some voluntary maintenance work when the animal stunned him by pushing the ball around the pitch with its nose.

He posted the video to Facebook and wrote:

“Stag playing football! Not something you see every night! Maybe a new signing for Lochinver!”

At the beginning of the clip the stag can be seen moving the ball forwards and backwards in the corner of the pitch.

In the video the stag can clearly be seen using both its head and its hooves to move the ball.

The deer was spotted dribbling with the football. Image: Joseph MacKay


It then dribbles the football out of the corner to the center of the field so it is in-line with the goal.

Others were as equally shocked and impressed by the animal. The post now has over 600 shares.

Jess thomas wrote: “That is amazing. Better than some dogs I’ve seen with a football! Better than some men!

Sean Rooney wrote: “Oh deer, there will be a few players quaking in their football boots today.”

Joseph captured the moment and posted it on Facebook. Image: Joseph MacKay

Bruce Mackay wrote: “Get him signed”.

Ross Corbett wrote: “Holy shit that’s cool.”

With reference to the nickname of Highland club Ross County, Gary Pucket said: “Come on you Staggies!”

Joseph said the stag has a couple of friends in the local area who may be able to make up a football team.

The 28-year-old told a national newspaper how this was not the only stag roaming about the village.

He said: “There are at least six other stags who roam around the village.

“You often see them on the main street or down at the harbour.”

He added: “There are a few lads in the village who help cut the grass at the football ground.

“It was my turn on Friday and at around half past nine the stag appeared on the field.

“The ball was lying there and all of a sudden it started dribbling the ball.

“I couldn’t believe it, it’s not something you see everyday so I had to get a video.

“Scotland’s not been doing so well with football so maybe this could be their new team member.”

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