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What Is A Conference Call Service? Why Do You Need It?


A call that can connect more than two people or in other words, it is a group call. Conference call is needed to connect entities, part of a business.

The conference calls connect several people with a dial. You can also manage your departments’ meeting by assigning separate space to the individual department. The conference call service saves time and money.


The conference call services not only connect people but also give some striking characteristics. Conference calls might be recorded and downloaded at the time of need depending on the service provider. You can personalize greeting message with your company name in it to make it more presentable.

You do not need to carry additional hardware to connect with everybody; a phone is enough. You are not bound with the phone choice as conference call numbers are easily set up on any mobile.

Moreover, with more than one dial-in numbers, you can make simultaneous calls that can help departmental meetings. For instance, you have a business in London you can use any service for conference calls UK to connect with the members or client within the UK or international

The conference call service can be managed online through the portal where you call to add the members or remove any.

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Why do you need?

You have partners, client, or even team members, who deal with you on international calls, and you need to make individual calls to discuss a project, it can cause awkwardness, miscommunication, or misinterpretation. Conference call is a good solution to connect the people related to a project to avoid any hurdle in the communication.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, some applications provide group call features. They can be used for audio and video calls. But there are many issues which can arise with the application such as voice clarity, and security issues. The international call obstacles are also the issue in the connection.

The use of apps can be good with your local team members, but it is not suitable with the clients and partners as they can impact negatively if any connection issue occurs.

Conference call services provide international service to the customer. The telecom networks set up the room for meeting and connect with local, national, and international team members, partners, and clients.

How to choose your service provider?

The criteria to choose your service are simple by answering some common questions like:

  • If the service provider giving 24/7 service
  • How many dial-in numbers are provided by the service?
  • Is the package reasonable or not
  • How many minutes provided in the package and how much charges applied on extra usage?
  • Do the providers set up the service or you need to set up and manage by your own?


The features mentioned above and questions can help you out find the best service for the conference call service. Flower Telecom network is one of the best service providers in the UK. They offer a big limit of several calls with standard features in reasonable charges.