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Why Do Germans Gamble? Love-Hate Relationship


Gambling has a long history in Germany. All started centuries ago, when ancient Romans came to the territories of Germans and brought gambling games. Since then, gambling has become one of the most popular activities. People from any social background were playing, just games were different. Simple people preferred blackjack, while the noble part of the society used to give their preferences to betting.

When the first casinos opened, they were accepting all kinds of gamblers. The only condition was a dress-code though. That factor was the one that actually was limiting casino access to those only who could afford rich attires.

Now, German land-based casinos are among the best in the world. They are beautifully arranged, safe and their staff is super friendly. That’s why many gamblers come from abroad to enjoy the most authentic experiences a good German casino, such as Luxury Casino, for example. German regulators are very strict to gambling services providers, that’s why casinos comply with the highest standards.

Photo by Micha? Parzuchowski on Unsplash

However, things change when it comes to online gambling. In 2008, Germany joined the Interstate Gambling Treaty. As a result, gambling was forbidden. The only federal state decided to follow its own way. It was Schleswig Holstein, that decided to start issuing own gambling licenses. However later, the state joined the Treaty and licensing of online casino stopped.

Now there is no clear legislation about online gambling in Germany. From one side, only those online casinos are allowed to operate that are approved by the government. From the other side, online gambling is not forbidden. There is a small issue, however: if a German gambles in a foreign casino, he/she is not protected the German legislation. But Germans love gambling, so, they gamble. As well, there are many rules on how to select the best casinos.

Reasons to Gamble, or Why Germans Love Gambling

Germans gamble even though there are risks and prohibitions. There must be serious reasons for this. And well, there are. The most widespread reasons to gamble are the following:

  • There are opportunities to earn a lot of money. If one is lucky, it is possible to become a millionaire! And if one loves playing skill-games, the illusion that all depends on you becomes even stronger.
  • One more reason for gambling is called adrenalin. Where else one can get such an adrenaline boost?
  • Feeling of belonging to a higher class. Traditionally it is still believed that gambling in a casino is something only rich people can afford. Online casinos changed the gambling world completely, but the feeling is still there.
  • Finally, it is just a fascinating option to spend free time in an interesting way.

Gambling is not a problem anymore, thanks to numerous online casinos. The main thing is to select a reliable casino licensed by proper authorities. As well, Casino games should be developed by proper providers. Germans know it. As well, they know that gambling is fun if one gambles properly.