Shocking footage shows £44k Morgan slam into Audi at 70mph


DRAMATIC video shows the moment a £44,000 Morgan crashes into the back of an Audi at 70mph.

Camera footage from the Audi shows the Morgan approaching the car at high speed and slam into the boot.

The Morgan driver appears to be instantly motionless following the impact which sends the car onto the embankment.

The incident left the Morgan in a bad state and the driver with an alleged broken ankle.

The driver of the Audi was doctor Syd Hasan who was returning from a four day holiday trip to Snowdonia in Wales with his partner when they were struck by the speeding car.

The incident happened on the A5 approaching the Emstrey Island roundabout near Shrewsbury, Shropshire on June 24.

Syd, 31, posted the video to Facebook on Saturday saying: “Happened yesterday to me and my partner coming back to Kent from Wales. Shaken to say the least.

“The Morgan hit us at 70mph out of nowhere when we were sat in a queue before a roundabout.

“The other gentleman said he was distracted by sat nav and only looked up too late, he was quite hurt and taken to hospital, prayers out for him. We both got really sore necks.”

The shocking footage shows Syd slowing down on approach to a roundabout. His rear dash cam captured the moment the Morgan slams into the back of him.

The Morgan can be seen moments before burning rubber as the driver tried to emergency brake.

The impact shattered the Morgan and sent it rolling towards the embankment.

The driver appeared motionless as in his vehicle as debris can be seen scattered across the motorway.

The video has shocked many in the comments with many sending their sympathies to the man in the Morgan.

Sandra Reade said: “Oh the poor man and his beautiful car. Also feel so sorry for you. Maybe he had a blackout or something. Hope you are ok.”

Marilo Martin added: “Glad you are all well, hope the other person is ok too.”

Melissa Abrahams Pywell wrote: “Oh my god, I hope you are both ok.”

Syd from Maidstone, Kent today described the incident as it happened.

He said: “We were off on a four day holiday in Snowdonia and were coming back home in our Audi SUV, on the A5 near Shrewsbury.

“We slowed down with other cars at a busy roundabout when this gentleman came out of nowhere at 70mph and rammed his car into us from behind.

His rear dash cam captured the moment the Morgan slams into the back of him. (C) Syd Hassan

“My first reaction was that of shock and jolt, but being an emergency doctor within seconds I was running to that gentleman so see if he was ok, my partner also started walking behind me but she felt dizzy and slumped down on the side of the road for a few seconds to recover.

“I was helping him out of his car on his request, as his doors were jammed, a lovely couple stopped, She was an off duty nurse in acute medicine and they helped me to get him out of car

“The gentleman was responsive initially and said he got distracted and lost focus, he also mentioned about sat nav and also said he looked up too late.”

Syd said the ambulance service arrived some 20 minutes later and began assessing his injuries, but he was far too concerned about the health of the other man.

He continued: “They [paramedics] briefly evaluated us for our neck and back pain but we were more concerned about him, and we told them not to waste anymore time with us and get him to hospital, we will be alright, just sore from spasm and possible sprain.

“He was apologising again and again. He was saying he got distracted and looked up too late, he denied any pain or blackout or anything medical before impact. He also said he felt his ankle was broken and he was feeling unwell.

“I genuinely don’t feel anything against the gentleman, and I am and was genuinely concerned about his well being throughout. I wish him well.”

The West Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed a man was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “One ambulance crew came across a two car road traffic collision on the A5. We treated one patient at the scene.

“A male driver of one of the cars was treated for injuries not believed to be serious, and was taken to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for treatment.”