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NewsClip shows moment new start smashes into Ford - just four days...

Clip shows moment new start smashes into Ford – just four days after starting job

DRAMATIC video shows the moment an “idiot” van driver crashes into the back of another car at speed.

A white van going into the back of another car at a roundabout
The new start driver was being supervised at the time of the crash

The driver, who had only been in his new job for four days, was allegedly being supervised by a senior colleague when he smashed into the Ford.

The video was captured on dash cam by Adrian Kaye on Monday who was travelling over a roundabout on the A630 near Edenthorpe, South Yorkshire.

He later posted the clip to Facebook, where viewers were blaming the van driver for the incident.

The video begins showing the blue Ford approaching the roundabout from an exit.

The car then stops to wait until it is safe to enter the roundabout as a white van comes driving up behind it at speed.

The van then crashes straight into the back of the car as if it hadn’t noticed it was there.

The vehicle is shot forward and looks heavily damaged at the rear by the collision.

Julian McWarrick said: “This is one of the most common accidents that happen. Looking right at the oncoming traffic and accelerating to get out on the roundabout, not looking at what’s right in front of them.”

David Blandy wrote: “Can’t understand why the car stopped, he had loads of time to get out but still the vans fault for not keeping his eyes forward.”

Jason Prichard simply said: “Ooopppssss.”

The two cars parked on the roundabout
The drivers stopped and spoke about the crash

Speaking today, Adrian said he told the driver he was an “idiot”.


He said: “The woman in the car said she was very shook up, the funniest thing was the young lad who was driving had only been doing the job four days, and the lad in the passenger seat was supervising his driving.

“I’m not sure how long he’s been driving.

“I see so many idiots on the road if sharing the video stops anyone else driving like that it’s got to be worth it.

“I didn’t really speak to them apart from calling him an idiot.”

However, the woman who was involved in the crash said the men in the van were very caring.

Image: Facebook

She said: “I was very shocked at the time, and for a while I didn’t get out of the car.

“They [van men] were fine with me. The lads were right as rain with me and were very helpful.”

Police today confirmed the incident was reported to them.

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said: “We received reports of a road traffic collision on Hatfield Lane in Armthorpe on Monday 24 June at 9:35am, involving a blue Ford Fiesta and a white Seat Doblo.

“The drivers of the vehicles were uninjured and exchanged contact and insurance details.”

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