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“Don’t tie your doggy to the flower cage” – clip shows pooch run off with flower trolley

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a dog makes a quick getaway from a petrol station – whilst still attached to a large flower trolley.

Footage shows a staff member comically chasing the speedy pooch around the shop after it was tied onto a flower stand with wheels.

The canine can be seen running off camera to the left, then back into view on the right as shop worker follows in hot pursuit.

The incident was captured on the CCTV of the Maxol Service Station in Portrush, County Antrim on Saturday June 22.

Footage was uploaded to the station’s Facebook page shortly after where it has amassed more than 200,000 views.

The petrol station captioned the clip: “It’s all go at Maxol Portrush. The dog was reunited with its owner and safe, just couldn’t decide on what flowers to pick! No dogs were hurt!”

The first part of the clip shows the dog standing tied to the flower stand before realising that as it moved, so did the flowers.

It then starts to run off, using its strength to pull the flower stand as it went, and shoots away out of shot.

The hilarious clip shows the dog realising it can move the flower trolley

Seconds later, the staff member runs out of the shop after the dog and the second part of the clip hilariously shows the high speed chase.

It is understood the dog was caught in time before it reached the road and both the pooch and the flowers were returned safely.

Viewers of the clip could not hide their amusement at the incident.

Patricia Poole wrote: “First lesson, don’t tie your doggy to the flower cage.”

Pamela Craig said: “Everytime I watch this I laugh.”

Rus Black joked: “Now that’s shoplifting Portrush style.”

Heather Roxborough said: “Watch out, flowers on the move!”

Sarah Alison Smith commented: “The owner won’t do that again in a hurry.”

A member of staff manages to capture the dog and return it safely to the owner

Some viewers took a serious approach with their reaction.

Carolynn Griffin said: “The dog is obviously scared, poor wee thing.”

And Jillian Hedges wrote: “Funny, though I can never understand why people would tie their dogs up outside shops with so many dog thieves about.”

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for the petrol station said: “It’s funny isn’t it? The dog was caught by our member of staff who spotted what was happening and ran after it.

“I don’t know if it was scared because the flowers were moving with it when it was tied up there.”

This is not the first time a dog has been caught running away when tied to an object.

CCTV outside Kat’s Corner Shop in Hawick captured a dog running off with a coffee sign it was attached to and disappearing down the street with it in November 2016.

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