Monday, May 23, 2022
News"Stupid kids" clip shows boys cling on to HGV driving at 30mph

“Stupid kids” clip shows boys cling on to HGV driving at 30mph

SHOCKING footage shows two young boys holding onto the back of a lorry driving down a busy road.

The youngsters were caught being towed by the HGV, travelling 30mph, whilst sitting on their bikes.

One of the boys involved is obviously delighted with his daredevil stunt as he appears to be smirking during the clip.

The video was filmed by the driver in the car behind the lorry yesterday (TUES) on Bolton Road in Heywood, Greater Manchester at around 5.30pm.

The kids can be seen clutching onto the HGV. Image: Anonymous

The driver uploaded the clip to Facebook yesterday saying: “So on my way home these kids think it’s great to hold on to this for a free ride. One way to see God fast.”

Two boys are seen clinging onto the back of the lorry whilst it was driving through the busy street.

One lad lets go of the lorry and struggles to maintain his balance, whilst the other continues to hold on.

The young boy can be seen pressed against the kerb as the lorry drives down a small hill.

The youngster puts his foot of the pedals to help his balance as another cyclist can be seen riding passed them astonished.

The young boy eventually lets go and appears to celebrate his achievement after hanging on for some time.

Many in the comments have the kids actions to be stupid.

Helen Finn said: “Stupid kids.”

Shirley Brown added: “Saw same thing on Alan Turin Way years ago – death wish or what?”

Iain Brown wrote: “I’ve shared it to the Heywood group so hopefully someone will recognise their son.”

One kid appears to celebrate after holding on for so long. Image: Anonymous

However, some feel the HGV driver should have stopped.

John Lomax said: “Lorry driver should have stopped Immediately. Why did he keep going?”

Larissa Dunning added: “To be fair the kids are idiots, but why hasn’t the driver stopped!”

The driver today, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the HGV driver was aware of what was going on.

He said: “I got out of my car and ran up to the driver to tell him about the kids, he said ‘not a lot I can do.’”

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