“Waterpark open for business” clip shows group using flooded street as waterslide


HILARIOUS video shows a group of young people sliding and swimming down a flooded street.

The clip which has gone viral, shows the moment Stirling residents decide to slide on their stomach down Friars Street.

Another lad could also be spotted practicing his backstroke outside the Bank of Scotland building on King Street.

The bizarre clip was filmed by Meave Park who posted the video on social media yesterday after the heavy deluge.

Cycle courier Meave, 21, posted on Twitter saying: “Stirling waterpark open for business kiddos.”

The hilarious clip shows Meave’s friend Harry Whyte, and two other lads diving onto the soaking street.

The power of the water has created a natural slide and both Harry and the lads are seen sliding down the street.

At one point one of the other boys came close to hitting a car which was trying to pull out of its parking spot.

Meave, originally from Aberdeen, can be heard laughing whilst filming and saying: “Oh my god!”

The clip then cuts to a flooded King street and Harry decides to start swimming through the street.

Harry’s backstroke sent Meave into hysterics as she laughed: “Aghh Harry. Stop!”

The clip has since gone viral with many in the comments left in stitches.

Meave today said that it was all a bit of fun.

Stirling was so flooded that you locals went in for a dip. Image: Meave Park

She said: “We were all just chilling at my pals flat watching the rain when we saw how heavy it was getting we decided to go out and have a splash around.

“We didn’t realise how bad it had got till we got to the bottom of my pals staircase and saw it was flooded.

“We then saw the two guys (the ones who belly slide) going for it and my pal Harry (the ginger one who does backstroke) joined in.

“Once we were soaked we thought we might as well see how the rest of the town looked and when we saw the bottom of kings street had turned into a swimming pool Harry couldn’t help but give his backstroke a whirl.

Meave cannot believe the reaction her video has had on social media.

“It’s all a bit mad my phone won’t stop buzzing. We’re getting a lot of hate which we’re finding really funny.

“People are mad because they’re sliding in jobby juice and my accent is a bit funny.”

Flash flooding has affected many roads in Stirling and Edinburgh.

In the Scottish capital, half a month’s worth of rain fell in just one hour.