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What is Live Casino and should you give it a try?


The internet has changed our lives in countless ways over the past couple of decades, both in terms of the way businesses operate and how we spend our leisure time. One industry that intersects these two worlds is the casino sector. Believe it or not, it is a quarter of a century since Microgaming launched the first ever online casino. Since then, casino gaming has become one of the most popular online leisure pursuits and the industry turns over billions of dollars every year.

Yet one thing continues to trouble gamers. An online casino game has lots of benefits in terms of choice, convenience and even better winning odds. But it can never match a night out at a real casino in terms of atmosphere and experience. Or can it? This is something that the concept of live gaming, where you can play against real dealers but from the comfort of your own home, comes to the fore.

About live casino gaming

Live casino sets out to bring everything that people love about a real world casino visit into the online experience, thereby delivering the best of both worlds to gamers. From the user perspective, entering a live casino is initially no different to a regular online platform, in as much as you choose your game, manage your bankroll and place your bets using a simple lobby feature.

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The difference is when you actually start playing the game. The casino platform also serves as a live video link to a professional dealer or croupier who behaves in exactly the same way as he or she would in a physical casino. Your croupier will acknowledge your bet, deal the cards, spin the wheel and even engage in a little bit of chat.

Advantages of live casino

The main advantage of playing at a live casino is that the experience is far more engaging and immersive. You can exchange pleasantries before, during and after the game, and having a professionally trained dealer involved gives you extra confidence that everything is being conducted correctly. 

Live games also tend to use the best and most innovative technology. Some even allow you to change camera angles for a completely immersive experience. 

The other benefit to live gaming is a financial one. Live games with real dealers tend to take longer to play out than those using random number generators. This spells good news for your bankroll, and means you don’t just get the best experience, you also get it at the lowest possible cost.

Any disadvantages?

There are pros and cons to anything, but with live casinos, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. Some people feel that the slower gameplay is a disadvantage, although from a mathematical perspective, it should really be seen as a positive as it will save you money in the long run. Also, you will find at some casinos that insisting on a live dealer experience means you get a reduced choice of games. That, though, is more a case of you needing to shop around to find the best casino for your specific gaming preferences.