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How to Pay For IVF: All You Need to Know

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If you’re trying to conceive through artificial reproductive technology, then you probably know that it doesn’t come cheap. Fertility treatments have a hefty price tag, and while creating a family is beautiful, not many couples can afford the procedure. After all, these costs can range between a few hundred to thousands of dollars monthly!

Fortunately, there are ways on how to pay for IVF other than having to shell out everything you have. I did the research and decided to compile the list to help all couples who want to grow their family. So read on as I show you eight ways you can pay for IVF.

Eight Ways on How to Pay For IVF 

YES, there are more ways to pay for IVF that don’t require you going bankrupt for it! Try looking into these methods to see if you’re eligible for it:

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  • Benefits From Health Insurance 

Check out your insurance and any denials from the insurers. Identify the reason the claim was rejected, as it might be for simple reasons. Sometimes, we overlook the application and either forget to fill up some boxes or put down incorrect information. 

If it’s due to uncovered services, review your insurance policy for any exclusion. If there aren’t any specific exclusion for your drug or service under IVF, you can ask for an appeal. There’s a chance of someone else in the insurance company reviewing the claim and granting it.

  • Flexible Spending Account 

Do you or your partner have an FSA or Flexible Spending Account from your employer? Then that can cover most expenses related to the infertility treatment. However, use your insurance first so you can maximize your available funds in the FSA. 

You can choose to use your FSA for the costs that health insurance doesn’t cover. For those who have a credit card with their FSA, you can use that for approved expenses instead. That way, you won’t have to bring as much physical cash, which can be risky, too.

  • Clinical Trials

IVF never stays the same; there will always be innovations and breakthroughs to make the procedure better. To check the success of such studies and research, clinical trials are made on those willing to go through it. It’s worth checking if your local government has clinical trials related to IVF, which cuts down costs or even makes it free. 

You can research for clinical trials online, or check with your local fertility clinics and government. It’s not common, but it doesn’t hurt and try to see if there are trials you’re eligible of joining.

  • Insurance Coverage

Before undergoing IVF procedures, you also have to test out your partner’s sperm count and quality. A lot of couples go into IVF without sperm quality testing, which can be one of the reasons why they can’t conceive. It’s crucial to undergo such tests first to identify the cause of why you can’t conceive, which helps you know what step to take next.

Fortunately, semen quality testing is both inexpensive and usually covered by most health insurances. Make sure that you and your partner talk about such tests before undergoing IVF.

  • Cheaper Treatments Available 

Before the IVF procedure, you’ll undergo a few other tests and take medications to help with its success. You can opt to use cheaper treatments which help save you money from the pricier options.

For example, rather than using hormone injections for egg production stimulation, you can opt for minimal stimulation. This one utilizes oral drugs (less medicine) to successfully produce eggs. 

You get to save a few thousand dollars, though this requires more research and consideration before you choose the less expensive route. Minimal stimulation and other cheaper treatments may be best suited for younger women than older ones. 

  • Grants That Cover Some Costs 

There are some organizations who may cover some or all the costs to a few couples yearly. Yes, there are many applications filed in with just a few numbers of people accepted, but it’s worth the shot.

Consider filling out applications in different organizations as you continue looking into other financing options. You can search for organizations that provide grants for infertility treatment online. Or, you can ask fertility clinics, doctors, or even check your local government offices if they have any news on companies and organizations offering grants.

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  • Interest-Free Loans 

Many fertility clinics recommend that you take interest-bearing loans to receive payment up front. There are some clinics which give the loan themselves, though they get profit from both the treatments AND interest. This ends with extra expenses piling up instead of cutting costs.

That’s why I recommend that you get interest-free loans instead, or getting low to zero interest credit card. You can check with your local banks or organizations who offer such loans. It’s a better alternative compared to getting a second mortgage on your home.

  • Crowdfunding For the Costs 

If you’re unable to get finances, there are crowdfunding websites which allow you to raise money for medical causes. However, take note that you’ll lose your privacy, as you need to share your story and update those who donated. Also, read the fine prints before launching the crowdfunding campaign to know how much the website gets or if there are processing fees.

Check out fundraising campaigns which reached their goal to see how it worked for them. 

Wrapping It Up

ART may be pricey, but there are ways on how you can cut costs from cheaper treatments to medical loans for IVF. It doesn’t hurt to do further research and ask fertility clinics for any terms that lessen the expense. That way, you can get a chance of starting the family you deserve to have.  

I hope my article on how to pay for IVF gave you an idea on what to do. So don’t wait any longer and begin doing research on your chosen payment term now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences in paying for IVF, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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