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Don’t Let Your Tools Get Rusty: Why Your Plumbing Business Isn’t Seeing Business Growth


Did you know that the market size, measured by revenue, of the plumbing industry in the U.S is $110 billion. With over 120,000 plumbing business in the country, the industry is undoubtedly a lucrative one. However, this doesn’t mean that all the firms in the market are successful.

If your profits are plummeting, there’s a chance that there are things you aren’t doing right. Everyone with a home or apartment in the U.S seeks plumbing services at some point. Thus, there is an adequate market for you to explore.

So why is your plumbing business not seeing business growth? What are you doing wrong? Keep reading to learn the top mistakes that are frustrating your plumbing company and what you can do to boost growth and profitability.

Ignoring Industry Trends

Technological advancements have brought changes in the plumbing industry. It would be catastrophic to ignore these changes. They lead to improved service delivery, precision, and accuracy in plumbing tasks.

Ultimately, embracing these trends leads to business profitability.

Some of the residential and commercial industry trends you cannot afford to ignore include the following:

  • Trenchless technology solutions
  • Move towards water-efficient plumbing solutions
  • Energy-efficient fixtures and solar heating systems
  • Power flushing, automatic toilets, and low flush toilets
  • Advanced diagnostics equipment
  • Pipe Relining

Adopting these technologies allows you to help your clients enjoy reliable, efficient, and cost-saving plumbing solutions. If your competitors beat you to these techs, you will lose business in the long run.

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Failing to Repackage Your Plumbing Services

Plumbing services have revolutionized over the years. Gone are the days when clients approached companies for one-time installation and repair costs. Today, plumbing companies offer unique and all-inclusive packages to entice clients.

For example, companies are offering services such as the following:

  • Annual maintenance plans at discounted prices
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing services
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • No overtime fees

If you’re still offering the traditional packages with no incentives to customers, you may be losing potential clients to the competition. Repackage your services to provide value to your clients.

For example, offering annual maintenance plans allows clients to get their systems checked periodically to avoid costly repairs.

24-hour emergency services and customer guarantee also make your firm attractive to prospects. This can drum up more business for you and increase profitability.

Failing to Invest in a Business Website

In today’s digital-savvy world, you cannot ignore the power of an online presence in business. If you don’t have a website, you could be losing more business to your competition than you’d care to admit. 

A business website is valuable for the following reasons:

  • Increases brand visibility to online users
  • Allows you to advertise your products and services on the Internet and social media platforms
  • Gives you a platform to add value to your clients by writing plumbing-related content

According to research, 65% of people see online search as the most trusted source of information. Without a website, potential clients will pass you up as they can’t find information about the company on the web.

Create a website to give your business a competitive edge against the competition and achieve business growth. 


Image: Samuel Sianipar on Unsplash

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization

Designing a business website isn’t enough to bring more business your way. You need to leverage organic search from search engines as well. Ignoring search engine optimization can be catastrophic for your plumbing firm.

Most people don’t go past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). Thus, if you don’t feature on this page, potential clients won’t find you. Your efforts to boost business growth through digital means will be futile. 

Search engine optimization involves employing various techniques that place you on the first page of SERPs. This increases visibility and drives more clients to your site where they can access your plumbing services.

Do you want to improve organic search for your business? Check out professional SEO services for plumbers here.

Not Claiming Your GMB Listing

Besides ranking for global searches, you also need to leverage local search engine optimization. Most plumbing companies are brick and mortar businesses with local premises. You need to leverage local traffic to acquire more leads that are likely to convert to clients.

Claim your Google My Business listing so that your website can feature on local searches. GMB allows you to create a profile that displays the following information:

  • Business location
  • Working hours
  • Photos of the business
  • Contacts
  • Social media information

When local customers Google your business, they access this info, including reviews of previous clients. They can get directions to your company, contact you, and even check out photos of how your firm looks like and projects you’ve undertaken.

A GMB listing can drive more business through your front door. Claim yours today and steer your business towards growth

Not Utilizing Analytics Tools

Plumbing services aren’t just about fixing broken pipes and installing new water heaters. Clients needs are changing by the day, and you have to stay updated if you want to grow your business and achieve customer loyalty.

But how will you know your client’s needs? The answer is by utilizing artificial intelligence and analytics tools. Technology has made these tools available for businesses. You can know what your clients are searching for online and what they talk about.

For example, are people talking about getting more flexible schedules for plumbing services? Are they looking for all-inclusive packages, offers, or professional advice? If you are on top of your analytics game, you can take note of these and tweak your services to meet the clients’ needs.

Invest in analytics tools for your digital marketing solutions. Also, get listening tools to spy on the competition and know what your customers are saying on social media. Doing this not only improves customer experience but also places you ahead of the competition.

Steer Your Plumbing Firm Towards Business Growth Today

Have you been ignoring these important elements in promoting business growth? If so, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and restructure your plumbing business and marketing strategies to reflect the current trends in the industry. Only then will your business grow and realize increased ROI.

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