Tuesday, July 5, 2022
BusinessStudent app could help revolutionise supermarkets

Student app could help revolutionise supermarkets

A University of Dundee student has helped design an app aimed to reduce food waste by listing overstocked items in real time.

Donavere Benjamin-Mohan, a second-year student at the university helped develop mobile-based app called Foodito with other students across the UK.

The app has the potential to revolutionise supermarket shopping by informing customers when overstocked items go on sale.

Donavere’s app could help revolutionise supermarket shopping. Image supplied

However, the app could be resigned to the footnotes of history before it is launched if it does not pass an online vote by the public, the next step in the global start-up competition.

Competing against 52 other regions in the Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution, the 21-year-old from London said any votes cast before Saturday 13th July could help his team secure a spot at the ChangeNow Summit 2020 final in Paris.

Donavere studies International Relations and Politics, is currently interning with the British Council in China.

Foodito informs users when overstocked items go on sale. Image supplied

He hopes to advance to the next stage in the competition and attract investment that could see Foodito become a must have app.

He said: “Supermarkets currently waste around 43 billion pounds worth of food every year, whilst at the same time around 36 million people each year die of starvation. Our app creates a radical, affordable, yet sustainable way of shopping to prevent food waste in supermarkets.

“By giving power back to the customer, we hope to reduce food waste, increase the sale of reduced items and help nurture a viable alternative to having to rely on foodbanks. By casting your vote we might be able to take our app even further.”

The team is created from a host of students from all over the UK ranging from South Wales to the Scottish Highlands.

‘Those interested in voting can do so here – https://uod.ac.uk/2S1VEci ’

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