Friday, June 24, 2022
NewsMoment BMW driver "dents his ego" by tearing away at lights and...

Moment BMW driver “dents his ego” by tearing away at lights and then losing control

DRAMATIC video shows a show-off BMW driver speed away from traffic lights in wet conditions and then spin out of control.

The dashcam footage shows the convertible BMW spin 180 degrees to face the motorists the driver was so apparently desperate to impress.

The incident happened during the evening rush hour on 24 June at the M90 interchange in Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife.

The video shows the BMW in the outside lane as it confidently speeds off from the traffic lights.

As it rounds the corner however, the driver is unable to control his vehicle as it begins to spin. He just manages to halt the car as the traffic behind catches up.

The scene was captured by Gary McMeekin, 47, from Dunfermline who was behind the BMW.

In the video, Gary can be heard talking on the phone to a friend. He exclaims, “Oh! I’ve just had a car spin out in front of me, a beamer. It’s a bit skittery, but that guy just totally melted it”.

Gary took to a Facebook group to share the footage, posting the video with the caption:

The skid happened near Dunfermline, Fife

“BMW doing what BMWs do …in the wet, on bends, when they’re going too fast for conditions and the drivers’ depleted talent…”

Social media have reacted with amusement to the driver’s incompetence. Tony Jackson said: “You can literally watch his ego get dented in real time. Superb video.”

Paul Hughes added, “What a t**tdrive like a d***head then this happens.”

Others suggested the poor driving was not just limited to BMW drivers. Brooke Robinson, said: “The speed people go round this roundabout is insane! See it every day in Dunfermline!”

The dashcam driver said the BMW driver “totally melted it”.

As the video ends, the embarrassed driver of the BMW can be seen awkwardly manoeuvering his vehicle out of the way, before continuing on with his journey.

Amusingly, the BMW driver appears to have learned his lesson and is seen driving so sedately that Gary overtakes him.

Gary said, “It was definitely unexpected, but I wasn’t scared, I think the driver might have needed an underwear refresher though!”

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