Friday, May 27, 2022
NewsMoment Domino's delivery man partially demolishes customer's wall and then casually saunters...

Moment Domino’s delivery man partially demolishes customer’s wall and then casually saunters off

A DOMINO’S delivery driver has been caught red-handed partially demolishing a customer’s wall before nonchalantly driving off.

The scooter driver delivered a pizza to Nimesh Patel’s home and then knocked off a “bespoke” wall pillar as he left.

Only last year, Nimesh spent £4,000 improving the drive at his home in Enfield, north London, £1000 of which went on the wall.

The 37-year-old reckons the £32 food delivery will end up costing him at least £500 – £600 in repairs.

The delivery driver was caught parked, and then driving on the pavement, before damaging the wall.

The incident was caught on his front door security camera on Sunday and Nimesh claims Domino’s have “fobbed him off”.

Nimesh has since reported the incident to the police after the Domino’s area manager acknowledged his driver was riding on the pavement.

He posted the CCTV footage to Twitter, writing: “@Dominos_UK when your driver delivers terrible pizzas and to add insult to injury drives off by damaging your wall too! The assistant store manager refuses to accept any responsibility. What will be done about this?”

The Dominos delivery driver was caught knocking over a pillar

The CCTV footage shows the Domino’s delivery driver delivering the pizza to Nimesh and his eight month pregnant wife.

The Domino’s driver leaves the property and mounts his moped which was parked on the pavement outside Nimesh’s house.

The delivery driver begins to drive away on the pavement when his moped hits Nimesh’s wall pillar sending it crashing to the floor.

The driver stops for a few moments and looks back to the ground.

Nimesh Patel was unhappy with the actions of the driver and damage caused in the incident

He then turns around and continues to drive away from the scene leaving the wall pillar lying in the street.

One photo also shows the untouched pizza that was delivered to dad-to-be Nimesh from his £31.71 order.

Nimesh today said he feels the Domino’s store is not taking any responsibility.

Nimesh said: “I found the behaviour appalling and shocking. They asked me to show them the video but it felt like they pinned it back on me the customer.

“It felt like they were trying to fob me off. I noticed the delivery driver and confronted him, after a couple of hours he didn’t recall anything thing. It is absolutely vile they are not willing to take responsibility. ”

A spokeswoman for Domino’s said: “We’re sorry to see that one of our Enfield drivers has accidentally damaged a customer’s wall pillar. We’re in conversations with them to resolve this as best we can, and plan to visit the property to make an assessment on the damage.”

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